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Jabborro Public Relations is an arm of Jabborro Promotions. As Jabborro PR, we specialize in Public Relations, consisting of such global services as Planning communication strategies targeting your various stakeholders; researching into opinions, desires, demand and preferences of your markets; designing your product offers in such a way as to suit the needs of your existing and potential subscribers; executing agreed programmes of action on your behalf or in partnership with you.

Our objective is to make you to Be Seen, Be known, Be Wanted, Be Bought. Our solutions particularly connect you to Economic opportunities in Nigeria, Ghana and other West African states. Find us when you need Investor relations, Investment Analyses, Business development, Contract Management, Researches, CRM, Social Media Management and Marketing etc.


More specifically, our expertise covers internet based communications, Social Media marketing and management, branding, marketing promotions, investor relations, PR events, media production, market/marketing research, Marketing promotion researches, media planning, business development, event production, training in the services above.

Detailed Offers:

1.       Low Cost Social Media Management – Here, you pay a minute amount, the rock-bottom minimum, and we help to circulate the documents you post on your social media accounts ORGANICALLY. If you do not post anything, we remind you to do so, but we keep sharing existing posts from past periods, just to keep your brand seen on social media. 

This service guarantees up to 1000x the impressions you would have achieved without any paid promotion, in 1 month. 

Cost per Social Media Account is minimum N5000 and N10,000 for email marketing, monthly. 

2.        Higher Offers – this is detailed in the Jabborro Marketing Booklet offer attached. It covers mainly social media and internet based communications, their guarantees, the duration of the contract, payment by retainership and outright payment amounts, complementary offers and more. Guarantees are as detailed in the attached document. Cost per month is between N10,000 and N120,000.

3.       Website design – We design websites for you at competitive rates. Depending on the objective of the website, it can come in as low as N36,000 ($1=N360). If it is a social media website, it can come in as low as N400,000. If it requires installation of e-payment platforms, it can come in as low as N150,000.

4.       SEO For Your Website – This entails reprogramming your website to enhance its visibility on search websites without affecting the appearance/design. Guarantee: improved visibility on Google, Bing, Yahoo which are the most used search engines. Cost is N30,000.

5.       Customized Emails – You can get an email that looks like yourname@yourwebsite.com. Research shows that over 75% of customers consider such an email address as more credible than the common Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL ones. Cost = N48,000 per email for a year N4500 per month.

6.       Online 2-Way Communications Materials – for market feedback, interviews, survey questionnaires, collection of business data, recruitment; we design the online tools for your use. The method is that you give us the contacts (email, whatsapp, facebook, twitter etc.) of the receivers and we design the materials, administer them, get feedback and submit to you. Guarantees are in the ease of use and the impression of professionalism that your business will cast. Cost: Retainership = N12,000 per month; Per Project = N500 per document page.

On-land, On-air
By this, we refer to programmes we deploy terrestrially, offline and over the mass media – broadcast and print media. These will be focused on Nigeria. On demand, we would design offers for other West African nations.

They include, but are not limited to:

-          Outdoor advertising: depending on the city in Nigeria that you desire to have your brand promoted, we may choose to deploy outdoor advertising. In cities like Lagos, Abuja, Kano, the regulatory system will pose a major challenge on the cost of deploying the Ad. In other cities, you mainly have community demands to contend with. The cost could be as low as N20,000 for production per unit and N40,000 per month for space and as high as N50,000 for production per unit and N1,500,000 per month for space.

-          Print Media: You could choose to buy space for advertorials or to pay writers to endorse your offers with articles, editorials and others. Cost will be between N20,000 and N500,000 per publication.

-          Flyers, posters: in cities and locations where flyers and posters are not banned and distribution of them not restricted, depending on the quality of production, you could spend between N10,000 and N35,000 for 1000 A5 flyers and between N20,000 and N50,000 for 1000 A3 posters. You could spend at least N5,000 for distribution per square kilometer in distribution.

-          Bulk SMS: as low as N1.9 per SMS, covering acquisition of phone numbers.

-          Short Code SMS service: N150,000 minimum.

-          Broadcast advertising: Depending on the quality and length of the media, video or audio, you can spend at least N25,000 in cost of production. And depending on the station it will be played on, you can spend at least N66.66 per second for audio and N333.333 per second for videos. It can also go as high as N200 per second for audio and N6700 per second for videos.

-          Stakeholder Relations: As part of our service in Customer Relations Management, we take the stress of communicating with your stakeholders off you. We initiate communications with the potential stakeholders, we keep them updated on issues in the partnership with you, we essentially manage the relationship between both parties.

-          Investor Relations: As part of our business development programme, which was initiated to enable us present strong businesses to their respective target stakeholders, we undertake to manage business investments for you. We carry out in-deep researches to aid with product development, branding, pricing, distribution decisions, market communications and so on. 

Jabborro PR will charge at most 30% of your budget for producing and deploying any number of promotional tools.

Jabborro PR will charge at most 30% of your budget for producing and deploying any number of promotional tools.

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We define our model of Public Relations as PR From The Centre of Organisations. This implies that we emphasize the philosophy of offering to your target audience/Markets/Publics the services, products, transparency, information that we find out they need or desire in a manner that they can obtain it from you.

We sell anything beneficial to diverse publics. By selling, we refer to marketing communications. From image, to concepts, to commodities, service brands, personalities, ideas and more. We simply ensure your offer gets to the proper audience.

Our clients can testify to both long term and immediate impact as together with us, they implemented our PR programmes.

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