Can An African Employee Ever Grant You PATERNITY LEAVE? Never!

 Where Fathers Receive The Most Paternity Leave

70 countries around the world now provide paid paternity leave for fathers. The length of time offered and the average payment level differ drastically between countries, according to the World Economic Forum, based on an OECD report. Even though South Korea and Japan offer dads the most paid time off work, very few men avail of it due to cultural perceptions that raising a child is primarily the mother’s task.

While fewer than 2 percent of fathers in Japan and South Korea take paternity leave, 89 percent of dads take time off in Sweden. In countries where the paternal leave on offer is relatively short and well paid, more fathers tend to take the opportunity to use it.

You can't find an African country on the list, can you? Can you find a black country thereon? Nah. It says it all; 'YOU CAN'T GET PATERNITY LEAVE FROM A BLACK BOSS; MUCH LESS AN AFRICAN BOSS'.

As a black man, my mind wonders, meanwhile, 'and what is Paternity Leave?' A father staying back from work because a woman gave birth to his child? Our women go to work hours after delivery. So, what's a black man looking for a 'paternity Leave' for? The concept is a comedy topic, where I come from.  Men have no business with Paternity Leave any more than a vulture has business with the clipper.

Uduak Umo
With input from
Niall McCarthy, Forbes Contributor