The World's Saddest Man

He's proud; he's no-nonsense; he's brash; when he wins, others are experts at failure; but when he loses, everyone loses; he is the self-acclaimed special one. But now, surrounded by a team of unhappy staff, himself the sadness pivot, he's the world's saddest man. Hear him tag himself; 

"We have one point from two matches. I'm not happy at all. I'm not happy with anyone. I'm either happy with everybody or not happy with anyone. I don't like to lose or for the players to have a better mentality than I have, so we are all not happy."

"I'm not happy with my form. Because I used to get better results than I'm getting now. This is the start of everything. I'm not happy with Ivanovic's form, Cahill's, John's, Azpi's, Fabregas', Matic's form. But, for me, the first thing is I'm not happy with my form."

"This week, we are more active in training, we are watching more videos, working harder. I go to the gym every day now to get fitter. Maybe I need more action on the touchline, so I need to be fitter."
-Jose Mourinho; source: Telegraph
 And his reaction to not being 'the happy one'?
"We normally train very well but this week we trained better than ever. Why? Because we are not happy. I'm not happy with the results and the players are not happy with the results. We want to do better and there is only one way, which is to work well and better than ever, which we did this week."

"Do we have to improve? Obviously, always, but we are calm. Not happy but calm. We need to be unhappy because that feeling makes you work, but to be calm is important."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC