African Chefs, Beware of Wheat

Father of 19-year-old Lauren Davis, Tennis world No 70, Dr William Davis, a cardiologist who wrote a foreword to Novak Djokovic’s book ‘Serve To Win’, has written broadly about the health dangers of eating modern wheat - which he considers the product of “genetic manipulations by geneticists”. African chefs, seeking to replace more starchy staple foods with wheat should find this disconcerting.

Ulcerative colitis, acid reflux, abdominal stress and rheumatoid arthritis are some of the problems eating wheat can cause as identified by Dr Davis. As if those three are not bad enough, he adds that wheat can lead to paranoia, schizophrenia and autism. He says that eating wheat “has the potential to cripple performance, cloud mental focus, and bring a champion to his knees”. A second glimpse at Novak Djokovic’s trending diet-of-a-champion reveals a deliberate exemption of this silent health slayer called Wheat.

Meanwhile, medical studies are on-going to determine if Wheat also causes hormonal imbalance in women, and if true, to what extent.

Uduak Umo
A PR Consultant, Public Analyst, Writer & Music Maker
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