PREPARE by Emmanuel 'Oscar' Kingsley - Lyrics

Verse 1
Hey beautiful lady
Can I talk to you for a minute ?
The make up on your face
looks good on you and i mean it
But do you really know the time is near
can't you feel it?
Or Can't you read the signs of the end
It's every where


When the bright and piercing light
Cracks the sky
When the trumpets all cry out
Where will you hide
He'll be standing there
With fire in His eyes
The time is now 3x
On your mark get set go
Are you ready to go?

Verse 2
You got to be ready
Because soon and soon we'll be leaving
you don't wanna be left behind
'Cause there'll be crying
And theyre'll be  weaping
No one knows the hour
No one knows the time
No one knows the day
You got to pray and keep believing
What if it's right now
What if it's today
What if tomorrow never comes
What if we're running on extra time