Call for Participants! Join Blazing Century Studios in the ‘Creative Vision Project’ this May. |12 Slots Only!

Are you an artist or creative individual between 18 and 38 years of age? Are you interested in discovering ways of developing your creativity and how this might also benefit the wider society and the environment?  Have you ever longed for a space where your creativity and ideas can lead to many different, new and innovative ways of working?  Are you interested in participating on an international art, film and music project? If so, then you may want to participate in the creative project “BC1: Youth of Nigeria as Artists of the Future”!
 The project is organized by Blazing Century Studios, Nigeria as part of my Doctoral Research in the School of Arts, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, United Kingdom.
For details of my cultural and artistic work see: www.,, Facebook: blazingcentury1 Project.

12 young artists and creative people will participate in a two-part workshop, first for 4 days, 18th- 21st May 2016.
The workshops – led by the social-artist, Wilfred Ukpong – will enable you to become aware of your social-artistic capacities and to develop imaginative proposals for social-environmental art forms that could become social enterprises.
In the first 5-day workshop you will be introduced to creative ways of developing your ideas, vision and proposals. In the next 2 workshop days these ideas and proposals will be shared and discussed with experienced people such as cultural managers, social entrepreneurs, environmentalists and government officials.
The cross sector dialogue that these workshops will facilitate is intended to help you to develop new vision and new ways of working as a creative practitioner who can respond to the social and environmental challenges in creative ways. Throughout the workshops there will be a focus on how your proposed project can benefit your environment, the community and its people.

PARTICIPATION IS FREE!  And all materials and meals are provided.
But you do need to commit to participating fully in both parts of the workshop: for 4 days, 18th- 21st May 2016, Workshop hours are 10 am –5 pm daily.
MAKE AN APPLICATION:  There are only 12 places available. So be quick to register, get an application form, and explain your motivation!
To apply, email Wilfred Ukpong, , and an application form will be sent.  YOU MUST BE 18 TO PARTICIPATE.

HOSTED BY: BC Studios (Temporary Site) Grace Garden Apartments, 1 Frank Akpan Street, Off Marina Road Eket, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria. Please contact me for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warmest Regards,

Prince 'Goldenhyld' Simeon
Head Publicist