On May 1st, Jolayemi Babajide posted the following on Social Media.
"Earlier today, I went with my brother Ahmed Yusuf to buy some stuffs for our breakfast, we decided to buy 5 Alive on our way home.At first, he poured it inside mugs, we tasted it and noticed that the taste was bad, we went further by pouring it inside a wide plate and this was what we found.I don't know any Consumers' agency to report this to but I've posted it on Twitter and it's trending already, people should beware of these packaged drinks."

5 Alive is a product of Minute Maid, a brand of the Coca Cola company. In Nigeria, it was launched in 2003 and is produced by Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC).

A situation like this one can embarrass the Coca Cola and NBC, smear their brand, discourage investors, attract scrutinizing attention of relevant quality control Government agencies, drive away loyal costumers, and crash their stocks. This is a real PR crises on their hands.

Will NBC blame it on some sabotage? Will they point fingers at fake 5-Alive manufacturers? Will they claim the images are photoshopped? Will they invite Mr Jolayemi over with the pack? Will they engage independent investigators? It will be interesting to see how NBC and Coca Cola Nigeria handle this.

Uduak Umo is a Chartered PR Consultant and Public Interest Researcher.
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