Worship musician

  Music on its own is neither a ministry office nor calling, it is a ministry EXPRESSION! Everyone called of God occupies any of the ministry provisions and operates in any of the diversities of ministry gifts in the New Testament, of which music was not mentioned.
As a musician, beyond merely singing and playing, press into the calling of God for your life! Every musician in “Church” is more than just a singer! There is a pastor or evangelist or teacher or apostle or prophet or teacher or exhorter or miracle worker or helper or healer or any one you find there…then you can express any of that through your music.
Go beyond tunes, cords and notes; get into the Word, find who you are and get deep in it. That’s why after Jesus found and read the place that was written concerning Him, he handed the book to the minister and sat down. The minister ought to pick up the book and continue finding! There is a reason why Jesus read just a few lines of Isaiah 61 and got it fulfilled that day, so that you can keep reading the rest and getting them fulfilled as well. Notice that there are no music notes in the Bible, even the sweet psalmist of Israel wrote in WORDS; any keys can sing them anytime and anywhere! That’s the beauty of building and basing your music on the Word!
Desire and press into the ANOINTING, that’s what conveys the blessing on Aaron’s ministry down to the people that receive it. That is what breaks the bondage and chains of darkness on the lives of your audience. The gift may attract them, the packaging might inspire and intrigue them, but it is the oil that blesses them. The world we are in now requires much more. So spending more on the peripherals and having no time with the Holy Spirit will make you a loud but powerless entertainer; and I think the Giver of the gift will one day hold us accountable!
Sit down, learn and BE COACHED! The men God would use to mentor and raise you may not even be fantastic singers. Jethro didn’t know a note (we are not told), yet the Moses he raised could write songs even in the wilderness. Samuel never wrote any song but the David he mentored wrote a myriad of sweet psalms! Find your pastor and submit to him and if you had felt unappreciated and unutilized; and like the prodigal boy had gone to far countries, please, come to yourself and go back HOME! You need to finish your training, and then like any other Gospel minister, become recognised and released as the case may be.
Learn DISCIPLINE, build character and get exposed to all the possibilities of ministry God has loaded you with. All I am trying to say is “never let your gift limit your ministry”.

Culled from “BEYOND TALENT” by Emeka Ukpai