The geographical region occupied by Akwa Ibom State is threatened by natural disasters largely as a result of uncontrolled human activities. If the occupants do not desist from destructive land use, Akwa Ibom may sink under water. This is a warning given by a building professional, Architect Chris Umoren.

The MD/CEO of Stainerz Properties Ltd Architect Chris Umoren warned of impending disaster waiting to happen in Akwa Ibom due to the effect of land misuse. In a chat with a reporter of WetinHappen magazine, over the weekend in Uyo, Architect Chris Umoren said people misuse land by having activities in areas where naturally, by simple urban development laws, they shouldn’t be doing so. 

“People now build on drains, and on natural pathway of water thus, they block the paths that water should naturally flow, and of course with such blockade, water must naturally find its way, and when that happens, it comes with a lot of destruction.”, he said.
He also added that Akwa Ibomites should pay serious attention to this issue as it is in a near-critical stage. He said “Today, even with a little downpour, our streets and houses are flooded and we are quick to apportion blames on the government, without knowing that we are the cause of that situation.” 

He advised that people should stop disposing their wastes in the gutters and he commended the government for taking critical steps to save our environment. He however added that the task is not just for the government but for every Akwa Ibomites.

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Article appeared first on Wetinhappen.com.ng