You are about to deposit N3000 (this rate is increasing) and, make $1000+ (BTC 1.35) in 5 weeks. If you keep your BTC 1.35 in the business system, you will make $60,000+ (BTC 81) in 6 months. This is a Currency accumulation system called Bitsplan.

The currency – Bitcoin (BTC)
The bank – Coinbase
The business system/platform – Bitsplan
Exchange – BTC 1.0 = $750 = N33750 (as at November 26, 2016)

How does it work?
It is simply the principle of Crowd Funding. Register 3 people under you, and get them to each register 3 people under them. As they register under you and under the people under you and so on, part of their contributions comes to you. That is how your cash grows.
Don’t forget, you are also paying to people higher than you every time you are about to grow to a higher level. Read on, you will understand.
 How do you get your money in Naira?
Once you have accumulated up to the amount you desire to withdraw, you will simply sell your Bitcoin to exchangers who will pay you either in dollars or in naira. There are many such exchangers operating in different countries, including Nigeria.

(For direct information, send a whatsapp message to Admin at +2348162403610; or join the whatsapp group at: Whatsapp Group)


Steps to registering on Bitsplan

You can watch the video below:
Watch the video above: BITSPLAN VIDEO
  1.       Create a Coinbase account. Click on this link and follow the instructions: OPEN COINBASE ACCOUNT 

  2.       When you get to Coinbase, Click on 'Tools'

  3.       Click 'Create New Wallet'. Copy out the address there.

  4.       Buy 0.0050 BTC (#3000) from Admin - 08162403610. Send him your wallet ID via whatsapp. You give him the #3000 and he transfers the 0.0051BTC to you. If you are in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria, it would be good idea to pay a visit to the Admin at Jabborro PR office, 19 Udi Street, Uyo.

Level 1

  5.       Ask Admin (whatsapp: +2348162403610) for a Bitsplan link, so you can join the Bitsplan business. Click on the link he gives to you and the website will open.

  6.       Click on “Sign Up”. Fill the form.

  7.       Click “Add Wallet”. Add your coinbase wallet address there.

  8.       Click “Upgrade” inside Bitsplan. Some information will appear telling you who to pay an amount to. Copy the person’s Coinbase wallet ID out.

  9.       Go to your Coinbase account. Click 'Send'.

  10.   Place the person’s wallet ID there, type in the amount you’re sending him/her. And send it.

  11.   Confirm 

  12.   Click on Back to Account
  13.   Click on ‘Pending’ 

  14.   Click on Confirmations

  15.   Copy out the Hash as shown below.

  16.   Go back to the Bitsplan payment page. Insert the number inside ‘Hash ID’

  17.   Click on Update Now

  18.   It should show ‘Success: Congraculation You Have Upgraded Successfully

Level 2
  19.   You are to pay 0.008 to upgrade to level 2.
  20.   Once you have people who have registered under you, and paid you, you will have enough to use in the upgrade.
  21.   Repeat steps 8 to 18. Pay the specified amount through coinbase, copy the HashID, insert it back in the Bitsplan upgrade page and click update. now
  22.   You’re on level 2.

Level 3
  23.   As people register under the people that register under you, you will have enough to pay and upgrade to level 3.
  24.   Repeat steps 8 to 18. Pay specified amount; upgrade to the next level.

Keep going.

In about 5 weeks, you should be collecting BTC 1.35.

In about 6 months, you should be collecting over BTC 81

Special Bonuses:

Bonus A) we will get you the 3 people you need, if you sign up with your #2500.
(If you have people to add, fine, but if you don't, we'll help you).
All you'll need to do is to copy out the following message and broadcast it on your social outlets- Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, BBM, etc:

“Make $1,000+ in 1month starting with #3000 only. Don't worry about referrals as we will take care of that for you. This is a special Bitsplan crowd funding system sponsored by the Bitcoin Wealth Group. Join the group temporarily by sending a Whatsapp message to Admin +2348162403610.”

Bonus B) For those who do not have time. We will help you set it up and we will help you manage it. We will create a new email for you specifically for this business, open your accounts for you, but you will pay the initial #3000. Whenever your account requires action we will inform you.
But on three conditions:
1. We will be entitled to 5% of your earnings.
2. You will not change your login details without our knowledge.
3. You will share out our promotion message.

(For direct information, send a whatsapp message to Admin at +2348162403610; or join the whatsapp group at: Whatsapp Group)