A friend, Godwin Uduak Inua said to me: "When morning break, you go teh dem Good Morning". I found this both hilarious and inspiring.

That pidgin proverb addresses 3 classes of people we (@ Jabborro PR) encounter in our marketing programme, the Affordable Land Offer.

The first are Akwa Ibom people in the diaspora, who for 3 months had the opportunity to buy a plot of 500 square meters at $1400, thanks to the fall of the Naira. They foot-dragged. Now they have to buy same size at $1944.44, as the Naira is becoming stronger.

That's $544 more.

More bad news: the Naira is rising towards N250 to the Dollar, says analysts and per feelers from the office of the VP. If they bought now, they could save themselves $856 per plot.

Second class are Akwa Ibom people who lament the takeover of lands in Uyo by what they call 'strangers'. They have enough to commit in investment, but they'd rather 'save for rainy days', only to spend same later unwisely.

Thirdly, there are people who long to own land at low cost; say 400k-800k, but they want 1000 square meters near plaza, the heart of Uyo. If you tell them Real Estate investment doesn't work like that, they quit.

So, for these 3 groups, when will Day break?

That'll be when the dollar crashes all the way down and our Diasporans realize the opportunity they've missed. That'll be when strangers from distant places buy up the entire communities surrounding Uyo. That also will be when the locations we shy away from today, later develop and what could've been bought at 700k, payable in installment, then sells at N1.4 million, payable outright.

To them I say: "When day break, person go teh una good morning".

But more seriously, please refer to the stories of Osong Ama, Ifa, Calabar-Itu road, Ekom Iman area and so on. What you could've bought in those places at N150k, when Attah was Governor, you'll need to buy at N3 million today.

Call 08027675065 to learn how you can key into the Affordable-Land-in-Uyo offer, where you pay N54k(flexible) monthly till you're a landlord. See graphic below for more details...

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