If you do business online, then you’ve probably heard about conversion marketing in one way or another. You’ve heard all about how you need to improve your conversion rate, so that you can get more sales online and so on. The question is: what is this conversion marketing all about? And how can you use it for your benefit?

First of all, let’s define some of the terms we will be using repeatedly in this text.

Conversion Marketing: The process of converting website visitors to customers.

Website Conversion: This refers to an instance where your website visitors take an action that you’d like them to take, whether that is buying a product, downloading an ebook, signing up to your newsletter, etc.

Conversion Rate: the ratio of website visitors to those who take the desired action. This is usually converted to a percentage.

Why is conversion marketing important?
Conversion marketing is everything! If everyone that visits your website is just browsing, and taking no action, then what is the point? You want them to take some sort of action: make a purchase, download your app, signup for your newsletter … something, anything.

The point of conversion marketing is to encourage your website visitors, who are not naturally inclined to take action, to take an action. Conversion marketing helps you guide your website visitors through to the destination you desire.

How to improve your conversions...

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