(Video) Hot Land Offer on Affordable Land in Akwa Ibom #SmartInvestor #MustSee #RealEstate

This video captured a trip taking you from the Goodluck Jonathan Blvd, shows you the Abak road flyover, the Godswill Akpabio international stadium, and then to the site of the City Crest Estate land where several plots have been sold, and which you should buy as well.

This property will cost you just N730,000 to acquire; 500 square meters. N700,000 is actual cost of the land, while N30,000 represents costs of registration and the consultancy fees.
Prevailing cost of land in the area is at least N800,000. Ours, named City Crest Estate, is the most competitive. Patronize us therefore...

Below is a snapshot of the layout as approved. Don't be scared by the Nsit Ibom LGA you see there; the place is administered by Uyo Capital City Development, although geographically, it is in Nsit Ibom LGA.

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