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" I was kidnapped by Boko Haram at Chibok" true life story of the Chibok girls

She saw more men coming to the gate. “Get up!” they shouted, “Get up and follow this road!” They are not going to let us go. Endurance stood up and said a prayer: “God give me direction of how to get back home. I am not scared.” As the girls walked out of the gate, they were still linked. Endurance put one foot in front of the other, her eyes open, her mind clear. She focused on walking, one foot, then the other. They were careful to stay together in their web of hands — girls linked to girls linked to girls linked to God. The main dirt road was wide, but hundreds of girls were walking together, placing one foot in front of the other as they had been ordered to. Endurance could see girls spilling over onto the side and into the bush. Boko Haram gunmen had them corralled like a frightened, stumbling herd. Continue reading here...


It’s been announced that Nigeria is Ebola free. I believe this is a success accredited to the Nigerian government; truth is, they’ve made it a priority and responded aggressively to the threat Ebola posed. However, more than that it is a miracle. I had a little experience that gave me worrisome thoughts when I fell ill and was tested for Ebola –   if this was how Ebola was being contained in Nigeria, a miracle was what we needed. READ ON...