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Stray Bullets Bursting Into Homes: What’s Going On?

There was an idiom; “The safety of your home” to suggest that the home was meant to be safe. Not anymore. Build beside an expressway and a fuel truck might skid off nearby; build in the middle of nowhere and stray bullets might rain in through your roof.   And there are several of these incidences. So, who’s shooting these bullets? What’s going on and how do we secure ourselves? The first I heard of stray bullet in a home was in 2014, listening to my friend Amaka Dehniece’s testimony. On an evening, she’d felt a sudden inward nudge to take her from one room to her bedroom. Shortly after moving the kid, there was a loud bang. A bullet had penetrated their roof and smashed into the very spot the boy laid in few moments earlier. I became more concerned when recently a distant friend Abas Brave posted his own experience on my Facebook timeline. A bullet had dropped into his family home. It landed on a busy part of the house, luckily, when nobody happened to pass that way. P