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[DOWNLOAD FREE HERE] Smooth music, deep worship, revelation, excellent rhyme, deep prayer lyrics wrapped in rich musical production: these were my descriptions for this song as I listened to the track again and again. When you download and listen to this song; or even if you overhear it played, I guarantee you will ask; “Who is responsible for such beautiful worship?” Well, his name is AGNA; and it is his debut single ‘You Are Holy’ set to drop on Friday June 10. Many Nigerians, Africans and nationals of most western nations will be familiar with the expression; ‘loving God’; but there is a huge number of others who may not understand it. The best way to help is to recommend an experience. This AGNA track ‘You Are Holy’ did take me deeper into that experience last times I played it. Besides taking you back to the days of sweet songs with Don Moen, Integrity Music and Hillsong, the track simply makes you love God. For Christians, the experience of God’s presence is inv