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Should Gospel Music Fans in Nigeria Crucify Forbes Over Michael W Smith?

Pam Windsor, an entertainment contributor at Forbes recently wrote about Sinach's 'Way Maker' under the caption; "Michael Smith's 'Waymaker' becomes go-to comfort song in a global pandemic". Nigerians - at least the ones who follow gospel music - are hard on Forbes. A notable name amongst the unhappy reactions is Victor Oladokun. He is a world renown media personality also known ofr his Christian faith and dual-racial background. I thought to weigh in on this angst because I am equally of the gospel background, although a practicing comms professional. My Thinking We should not take offense at the heading of the Forbes article. That is clearly work of Michael W Smith's tremendous PR strategy team. His marketing team obviously do not list Nigeria and Nigerians among their market targets. This is why their captioning doesn't name Sinach or anyone else as author of the song. But in the body itself, credit is duly given. And for some

#NOW With Freke 2016: When 11,000 Worshipers Witnessed a World Class Live Recorded Concert – OFFICIAL MEDIA RELEASE

The 2nd edition of #NOW – Night of Worship – with Freke Umoh, held on Sunday November 6, 2016, at the Full Life Noah’s Ark Auditorium in Uyo. It was a world class live recording production, witnessed by 11,000 worshipers. A project of Freke Umoh®, the #NOW concert project is an annual event that seeks to bring together worshipers from as far as possible into one arena for the purpose of praising and worshiping God without restraint, and to emerge with sound life decisions; personal resolves in relationship with God, and responsibility towards life on earth. Fielding front-line African gospel artists, the likes of Samsong, Ada, Nosa, Afy Douglas, Eno Michael, and others like Eric Arubayi, Lawrence and De Covenant, Godfada, Progress, Shepherd’s Choir, the Unique Dance and Kaydee Numbere, the 2016 edition easily broke the attendance record of the first edition by about 3,000 worshipers. A major target of the project was to capture praise and worship at its climax; and the atmosphere di


[MUSIC] Emem Baseda Debut Release OFFICIAL RELEASE - DOWNLOAD HERE FREE You  want to connect with your Creator, you want to experience the heavenly. All human beings do. But if you don't, then you do not want to be led in worship by Emem Baseda. God reigns all the way from where no flesh can understand or reach, from glory no mind can imagine. Yet, His presence is accessible. He is billions of light years far off, but nearer than our skins. He is Holy and unapproachable by human flesh, yet He comes near enough to hear us. Obviously He preserves His presence in high value. Consequently, it takes certain knowledge, direction, passionate hunger and the skill to bring that presence out among men. Emem Baseda has just the right passion; she's hardworking, she's spiritual, and she's got just the voice for unlocking the heavens. I watched her sing - more like followed her worship leading - years before she knew me. And she's been consistent in charac


El-Mafrex’s latest album ‘Who Am I’ has been dropped today. It’s been a little while of silence from Scotland’s first nominee to the MOBO awards in the Gospel category, the Nigerian born ‘Rhythm-in-the-Air [RITA] crooner and fine gentleman we’ve known for years as ElMafrex; but apparently he’s not been silent after all. He’s been planning some earth-shaking release, and it has dropped today. For a brief introduction of ElMafrex;  He is Nigerian born, of Akwa Ibom origin and grew up in Nigeria, before moving to Scotland. He was nominated for Best Gospel Act consecutively at the 2012 and 2013 editions of the Music of Black Origin Awards. He won Artiste of the year and Urban Recording of the year at the 2012 Scottish New Music Awards, making him the first black man to win the SNMA. He now resides in Jacksonville, Texas. The 16 track album ‘Who Am I’ is already gathering international reviews, as Mafrex had been, over the years, amassing an incredible followership fro

Sammie Okposo, Akpororo & A-List Artistes Storm Uyo For Street Gospel 2015

“The Street Gospel Project is basically a concert campaign that drives with content to reach out to people on the streets” says Pastor Runcie Mike, senior pastor of the innovation driven The Evening Church; and convener of the annual Street Gospel concert. The first edition, in 2014, held outdoors at the Ibom Tropicana Resorts. Street Gospel 2015, the sophomore edition is in collaboration with Zamar Entertainment, organizers of Sammie Okposo’s Praise Party - and fields A-list Nigerian international Gospel acts. The concept of reaching out to people on the streets is born out of renewed understanding by the Christian church, especially since the second half of the 20 th century, to keep evangelism in pace with a swift generation, so that the world is perpetually in touch with the gospel of Christ. It has kept an increasing number of Christian denominations reviewing their outreach approaches away from the conformist in search of more efficiency. The Street Gospel Project


Energetic singer, national anthem voice and much-sought event host, Freke Umoh has had another resounding year this 2015 by music industry standards. And he's been named in an Akwa Ibom State Government release today to feature in the 2015 edition of the Guinness World record winning Akwa Ibom Carols. Worl d's Biggest Gospel Concert Since breaking onto the national scene, he has had to work with an ever rising career along with a congested weekly schedule that career musicians aspire to. He has been on stage at the record biggest concert in Africa and the world's biggest in the gospel category for 2 years in a row - the Experience Lagos; besides performing at several editions of Nigeria's local mega-concerts: the Calabar Carnival, the Akwa Ibom 9,999 singers annual carol. Beyond the Nigerian shores, his distinctive set of vocal prowess, energetic performance and unique combination of the Ibibio art-form with contemporary praise and worship have enjoyed stage t