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PR Consultants Commend Buhari For Banning Importation of PR Professionals

The Public Relations Consultants Association of Nigeria (PRCAN) has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for signing the Executive Order making it unlawful to grant visas to expatriates to come into Nigeria to render professional services, which could be otherwise provided by Nigerian professionals. President Buhari's has protectionist economic policies According to a statetement issued in Lagos and signed by the association's President, John Ehiguese, and Publicity Secretary, Israel Jaiye Opayemi, PRCAN described the Executive Order as "exceptional, courageous and an act of nationalism which puts our country first over and above the popular penchant of government officials for all things foreign, and particularly Caucasian." PRCAN, the regulatory body of Public Relations consultancies in Nigeria, described the Executive Order as a valid extension of the "Buy Nigeria, Save the Naira" campaign of the Federal Government of Nigeria, which a large

Nigeria: Adesina as Buhari's PR disaster

In love, opposites attract; in politics birds of the same feather flock together. President Muhammadu Buhari deserves Femi Adesina as much as Goodluck Jonathan deserved Doyin Okupe and Reuben Apati. Donald Trump deserves his Sanders. That is how it works. Buhari and Adesina It used to be that an image-maker is as close to his principal as a skin to the body. It is so arranged because the principal knows that in a world where negativity makes the best news, a wink from an image maker could help mitigate disaster and that not all questions deserve an answer. As Buhari's spokesman Adesina is not assured the privilege of travelling with his principal. I'll bet his presence is not required when his boss meets the global press he craves. Adesina wrote himself into appointment, but he's absent when needed to coach his principal on how to anticipate crises and diffuse explosive situations. He'll be considered lucky if he gets his principal's schedule in th

12 Noteworthy Facts About The AKEES Toothpick & Pencil Factory - By Uduak Umo

Today, as the Commissioner of Information and Strategy, Charles Udoh and the Governor’s SSA on Technical Matters and Due Process, Elder Ufot Ebong led the media and other researchers out on the Open Governance Tour - day 3, it was clear that Governor Udom Emmanuel has conquered Industrialisation. By the time he was 100 days in office, an abandoned Peacock Paints industry was revived. Before he would clock 20 months in office, the State is producing Pencils and Toothpicks. And more are in the pipeline, as can be independently verified. In Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State in particular, the subject of industries was a promise easy to doubt, but now it is a visible world of Economic opportunities. Here are facts and truths that will interest capitalists and the general population, about this very factory; 1.   Environmentally Responsible The pencils are made with paper, not wood. Do you have paper in your waste baskets, don't throw them away and don't burn them. Go sell them to the fac


By Uduak Umo   I stumbled recently on a Justin Bieber music, and my attention was arrested. Reason: I heard on it a beat we used to play and dance to on Calabar streets in the mid 90s. That beat was in every Orthodox Church praise session, by way of handclaps; some kind of 4/4 played in soukous music. I've also heard other West African native music beats on a number of pure whitey disco music. My confession: I've been a Nollywood/Nollymusic naysayer for long. But now, I'm a believer in those industries. This country can funnel back capital that takes flight through corrupt oil sector management, through Entertainment. We can recruit a patriotic citizenry, we can revive dying dialects, we can revolutionize West Africa's economy, we can make blackness popular, we can even colonize foreign countries; there's so much we can do using our Arts. We need information, we need strategy, and we need the will to initiate and to sustain the


Ekpo Masquerade Is it just desperation giving birth to ingenuity, or did Ekpo masquerades misinterpret the suggestion for Nigeria to make money through masquerades, made by Information Minister, Lai Mohammed? Well, Mr Lai, armed robbers have begun to wear the masquerade attire during operations; at least in Akwa Ibom. I almost fell victim two months ago along the new Uyo-Abak dual carriage road. It was 9pm and I was on like 100 km/h heading to Abak. The street lights are powered by solar, but they're pretty week in radiance, and, as is the case on every lit street in Nigeria, some of the bulbs are fake and dead. Hence there are  whole sections on this very road unlit. There was one crawling bus ahead of me and there was a dark area just ahead of him. There was like a stranded passenger bus backing the traffic on the right, with maybe two people hiding - I thought - behind. They chose a small stretch of the road where there's no houses.  As the driver ahead


I don't care to know if this letter/speech was real or not. It doesn't have to be real for the content to be believable. Every day, blacks and Africans seem to be in perpetual slavery. Via the Economy, international politics, diplomacy, civilization and so on, it is increasingly confirmed that we have willingly submitted to slavery. The same principle for taking slaves of individuals in the days of slave trade is still used for taking slaves of entire nations today: 'make the slaves sell themselves to you'. Is this not happening today in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Sudan etc? I do wish that Africans will read this letter below. The quote, "if you don't want a n**ger to find a thing, hide it in a book" seems like a stereotype. But it is a verifiable fact. We mostly don't enjoy reading. READ FULL TEXT OF 'THEY ARE STILL OUR SLAVES' HERE Now, let's read the Willie Lynch Letter: The Making Of A Slave! This s