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3 Ways To Communicate Effectively in Today's Noisy World

  When you tap into both brain science and information science, you discover amazing insights about attention spans, cognitive overload and interpersonal communication or lack thereof.  This mix of brain science, psychology and marketing is how you break through the noise.  Source; Tutorials Point There’s a shift from trying to be elegant to trying to be more responsive. Here are three distinct, burgeoning communication modes to help communicate effectively in today's noisy world. 1. In-person, kinetic information sharing.  As more people are vaccinated and begin to congregate, collaborative spaces and in-person meetings become as valued as ever before. This will surely provide a very powerful mix of people and ideas coming together.” 2. Active through technology.  This is where people of all backgrounds and experiences are showing up and not waiting for an invitation. Social platforms allow for real-time conversations and a larger “playground” focused on connecting through auditor

How To Build Super Heroic Proofreading Skills

  Proofreaders defend against errors that could cost content creators (and colleagues) their credibility.  They protect the integrity of the work and are the unsung heroes of the publishing process. Editor's Work Proofreaders do not simply read and wait for errors to jump out at them. They take an active role in reviewing material, assuming that all content is guilty until proven error-free. Herein lies the secret to great proofreading. Proofreaders find the most errors— shhhh —when they  look for them . Of course, it helps to know where to look and which types of inconsistencies you’re searching for. Mistakes can lurk anywhere, including headlines, captions, and graphics. Errors may be unrelated to spelling or grammar, cleverly camouflaged as an improperly placed photo, an incorrect page reference, or a broken web link. Proofreaders should ensure they check for some of the following flaws when reviewing print or digital publications: Hire a proven copywriter here! Missing or missp