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 If you need to buy followers to grow your page, your content strategy is a flop.      You might as well see the Ad spend as punishment from Social Media companies; punishment for poor content or content failure.  For if your content is great, your accounts will grow naturally. There is a caveat however. Paying for more followers will cost money but fetch quicker results than growing organically. Howbeit, growing without buying followers will leave you with ever-lasting results. READ: How Brands Can Reach A Wider Audience on TikTok Also, it is possible to grow organically but sharply. You would need to field content that is sensational enough, hot enough, mad enough - and at the right time, distributed to the right discussion forums, however. This would have to be controversy, by the way. There is really nothing else on earth that can make everyone rush to a scene of an event if it weren't either controversy or a looting spree. So, decide what content you can publish. Decide if you