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Spanking New: This Easter Arrives with Sochi’s ‘Chioma’ Debut

Sochi Rollins Ogaram is not new to worship having spent most of his youth days singing in church, but on Friday the 30 th just before the 2018 Easter arrives, So-Rolls, in his moniker, will officially release his debut single ‘Chioma’. This is yet another terrific production of King Baseda of Final Mix. Sochi 'So-Rolls' Ogaram The sonic fingerprints of the ace music producer are all over the track, only that, this time, it is unpredictable. The Background vocals are deliberately breezy, the instrumentation is a massage treatment, the tempo is at ease and the song even begins with an instant impression. Final Mix ensured that by the time the song meets you, you are swinging gently between congregational worship and a radio favourite, quite like when Afro-soul that you hear from Nosa and Asa hits you from the car stereo on a Sunny Sunday morning. On pre-listening, a curator quickly described the track as the ‘the first ever Chioma of Soul’. Chioma is interpreted


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