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3 Ways To Communicate Effectively in Today's Noisy World

  When you tap into both brain science and information science, you discover amazing insights about attention spans, cognitive overload and interpersonal communication or lack thereof.  This mix of brain science, psychology and marketing is how you break through the noise.  Source; Tutorials Point There’s a shift from trying to be elegant to trying to be more responsive. Here are three distinct, burgeoning communication modes to help communicate effectively in today's noisy world. 1. In-person, kinetic information sharing.  As more people are vaccinated and begin to congregate, collaborative spaces and in-person meetings become as valued as ever before. This will surely provide a very powerful mix of people and ideas coming together.” 2. Active through technology.  This is where people of all backgrounds and experiences are showing up and not waiting for an invitation. Social platforms allow for real-time conversations and a larger “playground” focused on connecting through auditor

How PR Pros Can Lead Clients On Despite COVID-19 Setbacks

Have news to share that isn’t related to the novel coronavirus? It’s hard to get anyone to listen, regardless of the industry, news medium, or personality. Source; Dorset Echo The virus has created a deep and lasting impact on our society. However, as many cities begin to reopen and attempt to reintroduce standard work/life routines, the question is—how do we move on? When COVID-19 unexpectedly stole the show, companies and organizations were forced to throw their carefully coordinated marketing strategies, ad campaigns, and PR plans out the window. Promotions tied up in closed restaurants, canceled sporting events, and postponed trade conventions simply were no longer relevant in light of the global pandemic. Not only were plans changed due to cancellations, but they were also altered as a result of the obvious sense that the situation required. Overnight, commercials and social media ads shifted from routine content to COVID-19 health tips and messages of gratitude to essential worke

8 Steps Communicators Must Take Before Crisis Strikes

In a crisis, company leaders turn to communicators to limit reputational damage, yet many communicators feel underprepared to right the ship should disaster strike.                                                          Source; Reactive-executive Here are eight easy measures you can take now to ensure you’re ready for any gales and swells that might arise: 1. Build trust with legal now. Communicators and legal teams work best when they’re partners before a crisis, says Nancy Bistritz-Balkan, director of cybersecurity communications at McKesson. She’s had considerable experience handling crises from a communications perspective in prior senior communications roles at Experian and CHEP USA, among others. “Take the lead, and set up a meeting with your legal team,” she says. “The agenda should just be to create a mutual understanding of what needs to be communicated in various crisis situations. Put yourself in their shoes, and be receptive to working around language.” She


The fourth Lagos Digital PR Summit, themed: Upping your Versatility in Digital Communication, will hold at the Sheraton Lagos Hotel, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja from Wednesday 16th – Thursday 17th, October 2019 by 9am – 4pm daily. National theatre, an iconic Lagos structure. *SUMMIT OBJECTIVES* In partnership with multinational technology companies specializing in Internet-related, social media and social networking services and leading digital communications consultancies in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Lagos Digital PR Summit is a two-day experiential gathering of communicators focused on achieving collective intelligence to equip and ready communicators with high-level digital public relations strategies, tactics and how-to’s so they can do their jobs better and lift their social media campaign results. Hire an affordable professional PR manager here *FOR WHOM* The Lagos Digital PR Summit is open to Generation X and Millennials managing communications for


If you do business online, then you’ve probably heard about conversion marketing in one way or another. You’ve heard all about how you need to improve your conversion rate, so that you can get more sales online and so on. The question is: what is this conversion marketing all about? And how can you use it for your benefit? Definitions: First of all, let’s define some of the terms we will be using repeatedly in this text. Conversion Marketing: The process of converting website visitors to customers. Website Conversion: This refers to an instance where your website visitors take an action that you’d like them to take, whether that is buying a product, downloading an ebook, signing up to your newsletter, etc. Conversion Rate: the ratio of website visitors to those who take the desired action. This is usually converted to a percentage. Why is conversion marketing important? Conversion marketing is everything! If everyone that visits your website is just browsing, and taki


The differences between Public Relations and Propaganda are debated by Communications scholars all over the world. This image demonstrates just a pictorial aspect difference between Propaganda and Public Relations. A basic definition of Propaganda is the systematic manipulation of public opinion, distinguished from other forms of communication in that it is consciously and deliberately used to influence group attitudes by imposing the opinion of the propagandists on their target. Its methods are also different from PR and other forms of communication. The Gonzales Weekly, an American publishing firm, points to one method used on the American public: the Half-Truth. When it comes to principles of transparency and accountability by leaders to the masses, or Organisational leaders to their stakeholders, however, half-truths are whole lies. On the PR hand, truth must be told in its complete form. When an organisation has crises, for instance, the first step to solve it us