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[OPINION] by Imo-owo Mbede Can we sincerely say that the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has been efficient at making Nigerian roads safer? I doubt. I would rather say that the FRSC is more efficient at extorting money from road users, as against its primary obligation of ensuring that our roads are safe for users. A Federal Road Safety official pulls you over and demands to see your drivers' license, which I presume should certify your eligibility and authorization to drive. Unfortunately, the drivers' license does not prove whether or not one can drive – because till date I DO NOT REMEMBER EVER SEEING THE FRSC CONDUCTING DRIVING TESTS BEFORE ISSUING A DRIVERS' LICENSE. (They now do so through accredited driving schools, but that’s a very recent development – and as Nigerians, we know what that means….) All the while, it was all about the money; for as long as you could afford it, the FRSC was more than willing to issue you a license (and so my blind uncle h