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  The Budget Breakdown in one page The 2016 budget presented by President Muhammadu Buhari was received with keen interest; even more this time than with other times. Of course, too, this was the biggest a president has asked for in Nigeria's history - over 1trillion higher than the last administration requested for. A Nigerian civic tech organisation Budgit have released a breakdown of the Budget in graphics. And we have them here. Uduak Umo Read  also: WHAT PRESIDENT BUHARI SAID ABOUT THE 2016 BUDGET   The Actual Road Safety Offences & Fines Is Dangote Selling His Home? Why? Video of Amaechi's Financial Crimes   Oscar Debuts With The End - Of The World

Alas, MTN Is Sponsoring Gospel Music In Ghana

One of the biggest struggles of the spread of the gospel is the vigorous reluctance of corporate organizations  to sponsor gospel events, media and talents. Outside of the Far East, where neo-communist governance (almost) outlaws open gospel activities, Africa records the highest corporate disfavor for gospel arts - though the continent is presently the most Christianized on earth. It is therefore both applause-worthy and interesting that MTN is sponsoring a gospel concert; one of international repute ; with Pepsi and Eurostar co-sponsoring. American leading worship leader and pastor, William Mcdowell and Nigeria's queen of worship, Sinach, are the poster-acts in the MTN Ghana Stands In Worship Concert holding at the Accra sports stadium 6pm tomorrow, Saturday October 10. What's more, BEHOLD the event is gated, with fees going as high as 50GHc($14 or N5000). This would baffle the average Nigerian gospel entertainment crew. { Original post } Yet no nation sees up to 5