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FULL TEXT OF PRESIDENT BUHARI'S 2016 BUDGET ADDRESS FULL TEXT OF PRESIDENT BUHARI'S 2016 BUDGET ADDRESS PROTOCOLS I am honoured and privileged to present the 2016 Budget proposal. This is my first address before this joint session of the National Assembly. I have come here today, not only to address members of the National Assembly, but also to speak directly to the men and women who placed us here. 2. I know the state of our economy is a source of concern for many. This has been further worsened by the unbridled corruption and security challenges we have faced in the last few years. From those who have lost their jobs, to those young people who have never had a job, to the people in the North East whose families and businesses were destroyed by insurgents, this has been a difficult period in our nation’s history, lessons that we must not forget or ignore, as we plan for the future. 3. By June 2014, oil prices averaged $112 per barrel. But as

Frank Edwards Surprises Assistant With Range Rover

He’s arguably Nigeria’s most successful gospel artiste sinc e this century began. Only fellow Christ Embassy lead singer Sinach probably surpasses his followership base. With several continental and national awards and nominations, however, Frank remains number one. Naij Music refers to him as “ Nigeria’s hottest gospel music artist ever ”. Well, the world is just realizing his worth; but there was someone who saw potential when he started out 5 years ago and that is Ezekiel ‘Ezzy’ T. Ezzy T was, according to Frank, already a career musician. When he learnt Frank was about to launch out, Ezzy decided to drop his ambition and serve Frank, as manager and assistant. At the time, Frank says he had nothing but the ability to feed himself and – we add – the superstar potential. Ezzy saw well and invested early. Well, the Rock Town boss was going to give his Range Rover 2012 and Mercedes to his parents as an end-of-year present when, according to him God   reminded   him of

The Djokovic Lifestyle

Unlike most celebrity, Novak Djokovic knows he cannot afford to live loose. He adopts an amazingly rigid lifestyle, to retain his form and fitness at the zenith of the Tennis World. It seems he has required such personal stringency to keep his name among Tennis all time greats. Besides his screen-friendly disposition, multilingual ability, sense of humour and Orthodox Serbian Christianity, the tennis star’s off-court lifestyle features a fascinating eating habit. The tennis star is known to be very particular about when and how he eats. He buys organic food wherever he can and cooks almost every meal himself. When on tour, he tries to stay in hotels that can allow him make use of their kitchen. He begins every meal after having said a short prayer, although not to any specific god, but just to keep his mind reminded not to take food for granted. He then proceeds to eat at snail's pace and on purpose. As a personal principle, he does not watch TV, or use his mobile or comput