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12 Noteworthy Facts About The AKEES Toothpick & Pencil Factory - By Uduak Umo

Today, as the Commissioner of Information and Strategy, Charles Udoh and the Governor’s SSA on Technical Matters and Due Process, Elder Ufot Ebong led the media and other researchers out on the Open Governance Tour - day 3, it was clear that Governor Udom Emmanuel has conquered Industrialisation. By the time he was 100 days in office, an abandoned Peacock Paints industry was revived. Before he would clock 20 months in office, the State is producing Pencils and Toothpicks. And more are in the pipeline, as can be independently verified. In Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State in particular, the subject of industries was a promise easy to doubt, but now it is a visible world of Economic opportunities. Here are facts and truths that will interest capitalists and the general population, about this very factory; 1.   Environmentally Responsible The pencils are made with paper, not wood. Do you have paper in your waste baskets, don't throw them away and don't burn them. Go sell them to the fac