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[INVESTMENT] Tomato Demonstration Farm in Akwa Ibom Regular readers of posts would have met my report on how Akwa Ibom was working towards meeting the Federal Government of Nigeria’s tomato paste production objective. It was carried on a few print media and websites as well. Please find it here. The Tomato Nigeria Will Get From Akwa Ibom Not long after that report, price of fresh Tomato skyrocketed by about 400%. Tuta Absoluta, a crop pest that originated from South America, became resistant to pesticide and this was blamed immediately, although a combination of it and other factors actually caused the inflation. Now, the inflation caused many damages across the nation. Yet, I know of 2 experiment farms that neither suffer the plague nor fail to make profit. They thrive in the epidemic, thanks to collaboration with AKEES – Akwa ibom Enterprise & Employment Scheme. Here is a mild analysis of their enviable turnover even as a trial farm. CHECK


Essien Ndueso, SA to Gov Udom Emmanuel on Media [News] A Special Assistant to the Akwa Ibom state Governor, Mr Essien Ndueso has warned that despite the presence of the Freedom of Information law, professionals should always endeavour to be guided by the ethical codes of their profession, adding that it was a responsibility on the path of the journalists to maintain professional conduct at all times so as to escape litigation for abuses. In a paper at the 2016 celebration by the Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Ekpene Chapter of the Association of Mass Communication Students (AMASCOS), the governor's aide lamented that despite being empowered by the law, some journalists in the State fail to take the pains and cross check details of government transactions before bringing same to the public domain. Mr Ndueso who spoke on the theme, “Freedom of Information Law: Matters Arising,” told students that the law has granted journalist and everyone in general access to p

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The differences between Public Relations and Propaganda are debated by Communications scholars all over the world. This image demonstrates just a pictorial aspect difference between Propaganda and Public Relations. A basic definition of Propaganda is the systematic manipulation of public opinion, distinguished from other forms of communication in that it is consciously and deliberately used to influence group attitudes by imposing the opinion of the propagandists on their target. Its methods are also different from PR and other forms of communication. The Gonzales Weekly, an American publishing firm, points to one method used on the American public: the Half-Truth. When it comes to principles of transparency and accountability by leaders to the masses, or Organisational leaders to their stakeholders, however, half-truths are whole lies. On the PR hand, truth must be told in its complete form. When an organisation has crises, for instance, the first step to solve it us


The Mind of an Introvert After reading this piece by Nicole on PR Daily, I couldn't help but give her thumbs up for interpreting me and many PR pros I know. There's nothing like a quiet environment for a true PR pro and I haven't met an extrovert PR practitioner yet. I've been meaning to post on social media (and now I will) that I can't be a successful PR professional and be a 'showster', triggered only when you're on stage and in before the camera; your place is perpetually backstage. I learnt that by personal experience. What triggers performance for me is between the drawing board and the execution stage, boundaries inclusive. I delight in planning on my own, asking for inputs from others next, rehearsing on my own, rehearsing with the team, allocating tasks and then supervising performance . It's played out most in the PR events, music concerts and others that I've planned and managed. Trust me, once more, there is nothing to the PR p


[DOWNLOAD FREE HERE] Smooth music, deep worship, revelation, excellent rhyme, deep prayer lyrics wrapped in rich musical production: these were my descriptions for this song as I listened to the track again and again. When you download and listen to this song; or even if you overhear it played, I guarantee you will ask; “Who is responsible for such beautiful worship?” Well, his name is AGNA; and it is his debut single ‘You Are Holy’ set to drop on Friday June 10. Many Nigerians, Africans and nationals of most western nations will be familiar with the expression; ‘loving God’; but there is a huge number of others who may not understand it. The best way to help is to recommend an experience. This AGNA track ‘You Are Holy’ did take me deeper into that experience last times I played it. Besides taking you back to the days of sweet songs with Don Moen, Integrity Music and Hillsong, the track simply makes you love God. For Christians, the experience of God’s presence is inv

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Niger Delta Militants Niger delta Avengers are the latest crisis facing the federal government of Nigeria. They strike with deadly accuracy, applying high level technical knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Courtesy of their activities and helped by technical factors, the N D Avengers have drastically reduced Nigeria’s oil output to less than 1.1 million barrels per day. I did some auditing on their public communication style; they sometimes are not patient to proofread their English, or maybe they just don’t speak the language, but someone among them is Twitter-savvy. They make impressive use of statistical research results, so it is clear to see that these are educated individuals- a much more complicated situation for the Nigerian army than long-term foes; illiterate and world famous Boko Haram. The Niger Delta militants have become popular not only for their volume of destruction, but for their communications talents as well. These guys own a website. On twitter,