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San Bernardino Shootings and America’s New Style of Suicide

A young Muslim American couple, living the good life, husband earning nearly $6000 per month, enjoying a dream work environment and not known to have been in any altercations; suddenly storm a Christmas party at husband’s office armed for war. They gun down 14 and injure 21 leaving bombs planted everywhere to blow up expected multitude of first rescuers and survivors. Then they engage the police in a fierce gun battle ending up killed. All signs point to religious extremism, but America’s leaders tend to drag feet to conclusions . If this is not a terrorist act, it must be a flamboyant version of America’s new way to die: ‘Suicide by a cop’. The concept, according to an ex-convict, speaking to a CBN TV interviewer on Friday December 4 th , has become fashionable to some disoriented suicidal Americans. And why not, seeing the popular rise in American police brutality? Even though Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook were not disoriented, they definitely were suicidal – and in a

The Diet That Has Made Novak Đoković World Number 1

Photo by AFP Novak Đoković rules the world of Tennis. But his has not been an easy career journey, no thanks to health crises that frequently interrupted his games. The crises then would manifest as breathing difficulty, with suspicions of asthma; violent vomiting, and weakness. In the match against Gaël Monfils at the US Open in 2005, he famously took four medical timeouts after running out of breath. In the same year, earlier he had taken the first set against Guillermo Coria at the French Open but retired in the third because, he says “my legs had turned to rock and I couldn’t breathe”. He has however come from recurrent health crises to an unwavering topnotch performance, combining speed, power, aggression and amazing resilience, many times powering through matches that have lasted several hours as he played against earth’s bests. The secret: A change in eating lifestyle , with focus on a stringent diet regime, as revealed in his recently released book ‘Serve To Win’

Why North Korea Keep Bully-Taunting South Korea

It is easy to see why the US have taken the side of South Korea since the Koreas went separate ways decades ago; the North are more militarily powerful. The info-graphic reveals how more powerful the reclusive North have grown to become - not considering their Nuclear capabilities. When li'l Chubby Kim Un sees this image, one can only imagine how giggly he feels. It seems however that the South have more aircraft than the North. In the event of a showdown, with the West neutral, the North would have to rely on its ground to air capabilities to cancel out the South's additional 8 combat jets and 78 more choppers. Finally, it seems in their best interest for both Koreas to maintain paths of peace. U duak Umo PR Consultant, Public Analyst, Soccer Enthusiast & Music Manager