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SEO: Digital PR Tactics For Link Building

Digital PR is all about using PR tactics to earn backlinks to support your SEO strategy. In other words, d igital PR is simply creating content that tells stories that are so good that journalists actually want to cover and link to them. Different tactics exist, and success comes from knowing which and when to use. However, few tactics can help you earn links at scale, but digital PR can help you earn relevant links. Also, there are a whole host of other benefits to your business such that If you're not using digital PR as part of your link building strategy, you're missing out on a huge opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. Below are a few digital PR tactics to use. They may not be suitable for every business, so you need to understand which is appropriate for the industry you are in. Creative Campaigns; C reative campaigns are an effective way to come up with something that journalists want to cover.  Think visualizations, predictive imagery, or creative stunts that ge

3 Ways To Communicate Effectively in Today's Noisy World

  When you tap into both brain science and information science, you discover amazing insights about attention spans, cognitive overload and interpersonal communication or lack thereof.  This mix of brain science, psychology and marketing is how you break through the noise.  Source; Tutorials Point There’s a shift from trying to be elegant to trying to be more responsive. Here are three distinct, burgeoning communication modes to help communicate effectively in today's noisy world. 1. In-person, kinetic information sharing.  As more people are vaccinated and begin to congregate, collaborative spaces and in-person meetings become as valued as ever before. This will surely provide a very powerful mix of people and ideas coming together.” 2. Active through technology.  This is where people of all backgrounds and experiences are showing up and not waiting for an invitation. Social platforms allow for real-time conversations and a larger “playground” focused on connecting through auditor

How The Right Content Marketing Helps your PR Strategy

  PR and content marketing have one main thing in common: They help your company get in front of your target audience to tell stories that drive credibility and awareness. PR & Content Marketing Naturally, the two business functions can—and should—have a symbiotic relationship. Good content can fuel PR opportunities on its own, and you’ve probably already got a lot of good content. But if you want to get as much mileage out of your content as possible, you’ll also need to work your content assets into your media outreach. Here are four ways to make your content power PR wins: 1. Use blogs as proof of thought leadership. The definition of “thought leadership” has gotten muddled by overuse. Thought leadership is just expertise: insightful analysis, predictions and commentary informed by years of experience. Strong thought leadership is vital to a successful PR program. That’s because reporters are always on the hunt for expert sources. The easiest path? Maintain a blog. A thought lea

52 Transition Words And Phrases To Keep Your Writing Whole And Well Knit.

Transitions can make or break your writing. Good transition words connect sentences and paragraphs and turn disconnected writing into a unified whole. Transition words help the reader (and writer) move from idea to idea. Writing transition words Transitions can also be tricky. Sometimes you need to use words other than “but,” “however,” and “in addition.” That’s why my list of transitional words was so useful. It helped jog my brain so I could find the perfect connecting word. Hire a seasoned copywriter here! Consider the following words when you need some new transition ideas: • accordingly • admittedly • afterwards • alternatively • altogether • as a result • at the same time • at this point • balanced against • by comparison • certainly • clearly • concurrently • consequently • considering this • conversely • evidently • for the same reason • further • furthermore • given these points • in any case • incidentally • indeed • in short • in this situation • meanwhile • moreover • never

Special Invitation; Experiencing Public Relations 2021

The importance of public relations has long been questioned – both by the businesses we serve when they ask “so what have you added to the bottom line this quarter” and by society when our family members say “I just know she goes to the office oh! I don’t really understand what she does.” Experiencing Public Relations At the Experiencing PR event, we shall attempt to address these concerns. What is the impact of Public Relations on businesses and society? Our panellists who are business owners and PR professionals will explain in clear, practical terms what PR is. For Public Relations Professionals, it is time to Transition for Greater Impact. No longer can we hide under the excuse of “at least I am getting paid”. Click here to speak with a PR consultant. Join Nigerian Women in PR on Saturday, March 6, 2021, from 11am – 1pm to discuss these pressing issues. The event shall also witness the launch of the Experiencing PR book – a collection of essays from 12 Nigerian Women in PR practisi

PUBLIC RELATIONS: The Golden Rules of Crisis Management

No matter your industry, your business is sure to- at some point- face some kind of public relations crisis. The way you respond can either give you a hefty brand image boost or be a disastrous setback that alienates your customer base and other stakeholders.   Source; Boostability In the age of the internet, when news can go viral in an instant, organizations must utilize all available platforms to respond to any PR crisis quickly and efficiently. To help you on your way, here are some golden rules to add to your PR toolbox.   1. T ake responsibility Whatever you do, don’t try to cover up your pending PR disaster, as this will only worsen the situation. Instead, manage the disaster by taking responsibility, reacting immediately, and responding quickly to feedback.   Instead of taking the argument public, acknowledge people’s concerns and questions, and respond to the right conversations. Write a press release, post on social media, go public in a way that controls the situation, and m

The Role Of PR In Crisis Management

As experts who specialize in creating and maintaining reputations, public relations professionals are often called upon to support a company when disaster strikes. PR specialists know how to change public perception with the right words and marketing campaigns. They also know that aligning their clients with the right strategies can help to alleviate many issues that come with a public crisis. Disaster management is probably one of the best-known roles of any PR company, but many organizations still don’t understand what this job entails. There’s more to handling a crisis than responding to angry customers and sweeping negative comments under the rug. Source; Commpro 1. Offering Advice and Guidance The first thing any PR expert will do in a crisis is assess the circumstances and offer bespoke advice on what the brand should do to keep the problem under wraps. To provide the right guidance, PR professionals need to evaluate the background of the company, the

8 Steps Communicators Must Take Before Crisis Strikes

In a crisis, company leaders turn to communicators to limit reputational damage, yet many communicators feel underprepared to right the ship should disaster strike.                                                          Source; Reactive-executive Here are eight easy measures you can take now to ensure you’re ready for any gales and swells that might arise: 1. Build trust with legal now. Communicators and legal teams work best when they’re partners before a crisis, says Nancy Bistritz-Balkan, director of cybersecurity communications at McKesson. She’s had considerable experience handling crises from a communications perspective in prior senior communications roles at Experian and CHEP USA, among others. “Take the lead, and set up a meeting with your legal team,” she says. “The agenda should just be to create a mutual understanding of what needs to be communicated in various crisis situations. Put yourself in their shoes, and be receptive to working around language.” She

Covid19: Digital PR skills necessary for PR Pros survival

COVID-19 has imposed on PR pros a retreat of sorts, and with many clients dormant, an opportunity arises for recalibrating and refreshing extant skills and cultivating new processes. Isaac Newton purportedly invented calculus and solved the riddle of gravity in the mid-1600s as he left Trinity College for his family’s estate in the country to escape the bubonic plague. The tale implies that in the COVID-19 world, the rest of us should achieve great things in isolation. In other words: “Get to work, Lazy! Stop binge-watching Netflix!” Well, most of us aren’t Newton, and as the  The New Yorker   notes, Newton was already working on calculus, gravity and other revolutions before the plague. Newton didn’t invent or discover anything  because  of his isolation, but he did make great use of his time.  As many of us have lost clients—health clubs, restaurants, auto manufacturers, hotels—and can no longer host or attend events, we can use this time to update our skills.

Man City Sack PR Firm Behind Much-Mocked Social Media Influencers Advert

​Manchester City have terminated their relationship with media firm  PHD Media Manchester after they were humiliated by an advert looking for help to boost the atmosphere at Champions League games.   Manchester city left back, Benjamin Mendy  Working on behalf of City, the group posted on the app Tribe, which is used by brands to reach out to those with large social media followings, to look for help to raise awareness for the club's European games. In the post, the group claimed  ​City  feared they would not attract many fans after being drawn against three 'relatively unknown' sides - Atalanta, Dinamo Zagreb and Shakhtar Donetsk - and it was ridiculed for its search for help to 'get across the great atmosphere' of  ​Champions League  games. The  Daily Mail  report, City had no prior knowledge of this post and they were left furious to see the group post something without their permission, particularly as it led to widespread criticism from m

ATTN!!! Int’l PR Association Announces New Definition of Public Relations

The International Public Relations Association wraps its values around a new definition of public relations. After months of exhaustive debate   IPRA , the International Public Relations Association, has created a new definition of PR, fit for the times we live in. Source: Wild west comms The 30-word definition reads: Public relations is a decision-making management practice tasked with building relationships and interests between organisations and their publics based on the delivery of information through trusted and ethical communication methods. For training on PR & digital media, click here! Chair of the group charged with formulating this definition, and IPRA Board member, Alain Grossbard explains; “First we wanted to have a short definition that said:  What is PR?   Why do we do it? And how do we do it?  Then, conscious of our heritage based on the IPRA code, and of a world today imperiled with fake news, we wanted to say something more. This is how IPR


The fourth Lagos Digital PR Summit, themed: Upping your Versatility in Digital Communication, will hold at the Sheraton Lagos Hotel, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Ikeja from Wednesday 16th – Thursday 17th, October 2019 by 9am – 4pm daily. National theatre, an iconic Lagos structure. *SUMMIT OBJECTIVES* In partnership with multinational technology companies specializing in Internet-related, social media and social networking services and leading digital communications consultancies in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Lagos Digital PR Summit is a two-day experiential gathering of communicators focused on achieving collective intelligence to equip and ready communicators with high-level digital public relations strategies, tactics and how-to’s so they can do their jobs better and lift their social media campaign results. Hire an affordable professional PR manager here *FOR WHOM* The Lagos Digital PR Summit is open to Generation X and Millennials managing communications for