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We Have 5G and Covid in Nigeria; Should We Be Scared? (Please Read)

It is true: while men slept, 5G entered Nigeria  😉 . So, more seriously, while Nigerians were busy with Corona Virus, telecoms agents were installing 5G technology in parts of the country. So, if you still feel passionate about this, yes, we have both Covid19 and 5G technology in Nigeria right now. Read down, I’ll soon show you the cities where these 5G technology are at in 2-3 minutes.       So, widespread rumours link 5G technology to health hazards in many parts of the world. We have all seen videos of birds falling from the sky near antennae that look different from our usual 3G and 4G hardware. We have seen videos of trees that dried up on the side that faced a nearby telecoms pole. Whether these videos are authentic or fake, we don't know. But people have passionately protested against the technology. Influential individuals have fanned this alarmist rhetoric even more. There's been talk of it causing hypoxia, a shortage of oxygen which makes patients bre


DSTV is under image crisis in Nigeria for too many times. Even in the green chambers they are being seen as defrauding Nigerians (see video below). Why do they repeatedly get named each time Nigerians - largely sympathetic to foreigners - get agitated with foreign businesses? What are they doing wrongly? How do they remedy things? Who Owns DSTv? South African company MultiChoice owns DStv - an acronym for Digital Satellite Television. MultiChoice, according to their website, have been in Nigeria since 1993. The website mentions a Nigerian Businessman and lawyer, Adewunmi Ogunsanya (SAN) as the Nigerian who singlehandedly brought them into Nigeria. What this means is that anytime DSTv has crisis in Nigeria, a Nigerian business is in crisis. They started by employing 30 Nigerians but have grown to 1000 and indirectly providing jobs for other thousand Nigerians. Quoting them; "...for great local content, our business's economic impact runs to hundreds of billions of nai

Should Gospel Music Fans in Nigeria Crucify Forbes Over Michael W Smith?

Pam Windsor, an entertainment contributor at Forbes recently wrote about Sinach's 'Way Maker' under the caption; "Michael Smith's 'Waymaker' becomes go-to comfort song in a global pandemic". Nigerians - at least the ones who follow gospel music - are hard on Forbes. A notable name amongst the unhappy reactions is Victor Oladokun. He is a world renown media personality also known ofr his Christian faith and dual-racial background. I thought to weigh in on this angst because I am equally of the gospel background, although a practicing comms professional. My Thinking We should not take offense at the heading of the Forbes article. That is clearly work of Michael W Smith's tremendous PR strategy team. His marketing team obviously do not list Nigeria and Nigerians among their market targets. This is why their captioning doesn't name Sinach or anyone else as author of the song. But in the body itself, credit is duly given. And for some

12 Nigerian Social Media Influencers Taking PR Jobs - How We Evolved

As a PR agency in Nigeria, as elsewhere on earth, you cannot remain in business sticking to the traditional practice, which, by the way, is almost forgotten. The Media has been relocating to New Media, Marketing is taking over from journalism.  And this 'New Media' comes with many elements you need to study. Members of the older generation who have refused to adjust are being retired before they realize it. We can mention names of some of these consultants in Lagos.  My focus is however not to sing to the choir here, but to drop a hint as to how we have moved Jabborro PR into the flow and continued bringing in the jobs.  At a time when PR agencies are earning less and getting threatened with folding up, we are getting set to open an official Lagos office stepping up from the Uyo base from upcountry. Is it because we are led by youth? Maybe. But I'll say it's because we're hungry and restless - will strive to stay this way.  Welcome to Influence


Well, I try to keep quiet, study reactions, explanations, opinions b4 commenting on a controversial topic. Hence I've been silent on the issue of the AkSG Lodge at Lagos. It is now known that 1.2bn naira, per the HC of Info Charles Udoh, has been 👂-marked for the PROPOSED project. The dilapidated lodge Note: proposed. Meaning, the idea could still be mooted, could still be discarded if further analysis disallows it. Now, God forbid the budgeting of N9bn (or anything close) for a project of that level of priority. And, thank God the N9bn report was fake news. I mean, don't we even notice that, under Udom, we don't get to hear humongous sums mentioned against projects in the state as in time past? Could this be why some beneficiaries of past administration are becoming opposition to Udom? Topic for another day... Inside the existing lodge Let's talk about Priority. What we'd all love to have would be: - An Akwa Ibom that p


9Mobile has already begun to spend in 10 millions of Naira advertising their young (not so young actually) brand. They're singing their own praises before there's a chance to prove what they can do differently. This is the point where actual PR and Advertising part ways. In the ideal sense, or even near-ideal, your Marketing budget should allocate more to designing excellent service quality and far less to advertising. Then spend very little to directly connect with your customers; give some time to your consistency and you'll be everywhere before long ctsy of free advocacy by happy customers.  Time for advertising would later come. This  is a formula I will choose not to detail in an article.  There is a level of aggression in advertising that a company embarks on I becomes what I call desperate self-aggrandizement. It's either they have access to near-unlimited investment capital or they have something sinister they're paying to keep concea


Akwa Ibom State has gone beyond debates on the functionality, or not, of the Poultry hatchery at Mbiaya Uruan. An assessment tour with the Commissioner of Information and Strategy, earlier Friday, confirmed that the State’s signature poultry project does a lot much more than sell day-old chicks. WHY THE HATCHERY The Udom Emmanuel led administration inherited a project site that was designated for a poultry hatchery facility. According to the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Technical Matters and Due Process, Mr. Ufot Ebong, who was also on the tour; “On the swearing-in of His Excellency, May 2015, he had promised industrialization. Afterwards, he actually informed his aides that you cannot hang industrialization on nothing. You must provide the raw materials. That’s where he came up with that statement “all you need is all you have”. By March 2016, we were able to get an investor from Ethiopia, Prime Poultry. They came in and we were given marching orders t