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Worship musician   Music on its own is neither a ministry office nor calling, it is a ministry EXPRESSION! Everyone called of God occupies any of the ministry provisions and operates in any of the diversities of ministry gifts in the New Testament, of which music was not mentioned. As a musician, beyond merely singing and playing, press into the calling of God for your life! Every musician in “Church” is more than just a singer! There is a pastor or evangelist or te acher or apostle or prophet or teacher or exhorter or miracle worker or helper or healer or any one you find there…then you can express any of that through your music. Go beyond tunes, cords and notes; get into the Word, find who you are and get deep in it. That’s why after Jesus found and read the place that was written concerning Him, he handed the book to the minister and sat down. The minister ought to pick up the book and continue finding! There is a reason why Jesus read just a few lines of Isaiah 61 and g