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COZA: 5 PR Actions to Continue + 9 Propaganda tricks they should drop #COZA #ChurchToo #MeToo #IStandWithDakolo #IStandWithPastorBiodun

When crisis hits an organization or influential individual, the reaction will either be Public Relations or propaganda. If he seeks to communicate honestly with his affected publics, admits his areas of wrong, offers to restitute where he had offended the other, makes full disclosure of facts in his possession - at least to his direct publics, he/the organisation has made a PR response. If they talk tough immediately, or attempt to stoke emotional support, that is not PR but propaganda. Propaganda is not necessarily lying as many believe, but it never achieves lasting solution. It leaves both accused and accuser hurt, one on the short term, the other on the long term. Whenever there is an attempt to steer attention away from the issue at hand, this is not Public Relations. Commonwealth of Zion Assembly, COZA, an urban styled Pentecostal church in Nigeria has been trending lately. For both negative and positive reasons. While rumours of the Pastor's sexual