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Elon Musk Is Making Dictionary Editors Refund the 'Tweet' to Birds! Any Lessons to Learn?😏 (Infographic)

Until Jack Dorsey stole this word for his new company Twitter in 2006, 'Tweet' was the language of birds, exclusively. And that is what the Miriam-Webster Dictionary understood the word to mean:  ...a chirping note. Oxford Dictionary defines it thus:  ...when birds tweet, they make a series of short, high sounds.   Perhaps lexicographers from the Oxford English Dictionary have been harassed by internet culture together with its rapidly spreading slang and lingo. For how else would you explain that they suspended their thorough process of adding new words to the age-old dictionary, just to add a new meaning to the word "tweet" in 2013? Their chief editor at the time John Simpson did explain, or confess, that  "“Tweet” was added in spite of its newness."  They hastened the word into the dictionary, bypassing a long-standing tradition of allowing new words to go around the world for a minimum of 10 years, to confirm if it is here to last before editing the Dict