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The Uyo Side of the Supreme Court Judgment Day

Anxious Crowd, Uyo Why does Akwa Ibom affairs draw so much national attention? What is it about Akwa Ibom State that keeps the entire nation obsessed about the state?   Oil wealth? Is it mere fascination about an exciting people or is it the frustration of having to contend perpetually with a pioneering people? These questions pester the mind when it reflects on how far Akwa Ibom news travels. Things climaxed with the Supreme Court judgment of Wednesday 3 rd February. On this very day, there was action every-literal-where. But in Uyo, it was an explosive th eat re production.  Facebook, Twitter and other social media perhaps held the most of Akwa Ibom and other people’s interests in the lead up to that pronouncement. On Twitter, Akwa Ibom was the trend ascending to the top and trending for nearly 2 days following. Others were #AkwaIbomIsPDP and #IStandWithUdom. Nervousness was palpable on the very streets; you could knock your head on some free floatin