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Communications Under the Buhari Administration; A Perspective of Chat GPT AI Model

I asked Chat GPT what it thought was wrong with communications under the Muhammadu Buhari administration in relations with its various partners and stakeholders. As is typical of responsible AI, the thorough training of the model influenced the modest tone of its return. But it still highlighted issues that indict that administration. Since the knowledge cutoff of the AI model was September 2021, I had to correct the tenses of the article.  Well, here is what came out.  Enjoy the AI perspective: Title: Wrong Communications Practices in the Government of Muhammadu Buhari Introduction: Wrong communication practices in government can undermine trust and hinder effective governance. Here's how these practices relate to the government of Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria. Lack of Transparency: The Nigerian government under President Buhari faced criticism for a lack of transparency. This includes concerns about handling information on security, corruption, and government expenditures. Enhanci
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What did international media & monitors say about the 2023 Nigerian presidential elections?

Issues from the Nigerian elections rage on, months since the Electoral body, INEC announced winners. The election petition and issues tribunal, headed by members of the nation's judiciary has also given their verdict, followed by the Supreme Court. Now, let us find out what the International society thinks about the contentious Presidential part of the elections. Starting with the European Union! Through their Election Observation Mission, they released a report that read out their position. Abuse of incumbency by various political officeholders distorted the playing field and widespread vote buying detracted from the appropriate conduct of the elections. Incidents of organized violence shortly before and on election days in several states created an environment deterring voter participation." The BBC Zeroed in on Rivers State: "While the official result in this state gave a clear majority to Bola Tinubu of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), our tally suggested t

Elon Musk Is Making Dictionary Editors Refund the 'Tweet' to Birds! Any Lessons to Learn?😏 (Infographic)

Until Jack Dorsey stole this word for his new company Twitter in 2006, 'Tweet' was the language of birds, exclusively. And that is what the Miriam-Webster Dictionary understood the word to mean:  ...a chirping note. Oxford Dictionary defines it thus:  ...when birds tweet, they make a series of short, high sounds.   Perhaps lexicographers from the Oxford English Dictionary have been harassed by internet culture together with its rapidly spreading slang and lingo. For how else would you explain that they suspended their thorough process of adding new words to the age-old dictionary, just to add a new meaning to the word "tweet" in 2013? Their chief editor at the time John Simpson did explain, or confess, that  "“Tweet” was added in spite of its newness."  They hastened the word into the dictionary, bypassing a long-standing tradition of allowing new words to go around the world for a minimum of 10 years, to confirm if it is here to last before editing the Dict

Website Designer Buys Tech Company For $6.8M

Today, we read the story of a Website design company that pulled out $6.8M to buy a tech company and we were blown away with a huge 'WOW'! WordSphere, a website development firm out in California forked out the mad sum of nearly 7M to buy DrupalWare, a tech company known for its software solutions. According to  Stewart Johanson, from WordSphere's  Public Relations department, t he package paid for includes the DrupalWare website, a portfolio of 164 active clients, 6 super specialists, an excellent reputation of delivering top-quality services to clients, along with the entire DrupalWare brand. The 6 specialists acquired immediately transfer into WordSphere's senior DevOps team. Note that DrupalWare's clients include such billion-dollar brands as Pfizer, Tesla Motors, the City of New York and other Fortune 500 companies. Users of its services include names like - wait for it - Nokia, ebay, MacDonald's, The Australian Government, and Havard University, with other


In a previous article, we listed tips to help you use Google search accurately. Please click here to view the article. Below is a continuation of that article on how to use Google search accurately.   FINDING SPECIFIC FILE FORMATS A lot of files have been uploaded online in order to aid in-depth research work. You can find files like PDF on particular topics through Google. How to do this; type the word you are researching on and add filetype:pdf. This will bring out various pdfs on that topic. For example Food & Nutrition filetype:pdf. This does not only apply to PDFs, but other file types too like DOC, MP3, MP4 etc.       TO FIND SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES When trying to find a particular organization, product, or individual’s page handle on social media through Google, type the name and add the ‘@’ symbol. For example; Jabborro@twitter will bring out this organization’s twitter page, same goes for Coca-cola@instagram and many more. It is simple and quick to use when looking for speci


Many users don’t realize how deep Google search really is. There are information you will never find if you keep using Google search the casual, usual, random manner. Below are some tips to help you use this tool called Google search accurately. USE QUOTES When you want to search for a particular thing, use quotes. In other words, use quotation marks. This will make the search results specific to what you want to find. It will bring out articles that have the whole search sentence included in it. This is mainly because there are a lot of articles online that could have the words you are looking for, but they won’t be related to what you want to find. That makes finding the information you are looking for take longer than needed. Using quotes will shorten that amount of time. Example; Instead of searching for how to browse on Google , rather type in “How to browse on Google”. This will bring you results with that exact sentence in it. USE COLON Make use of colon and direct websites to f


 If you need to buy followers to grow your page, your content strategy is a flop.      You might as well see the Ad spend as punishment from Social Media companies; punishment for poor content or content failure.  For if your content is great, your accounts will grow naturally. There is a caveat however. Paying for more followers will cost money but fetch quicker results than growing organically. Howbeit, growing without buying followers will leave you with ever-lasting results. READ: How Brands Can Reach A Wider Audience on TikTok Also, it is possible to grow organically but sharply. You would need to field content that is sensational enough, hot enough, mad enough - and at the right time, distributed to the right discussion forums, however. This would have to be controversy, by the way. There is really nothing else on earth that can make everyone rush to a scene of an event if it weren't either controversy or a looting spree. So, decide what content you can publish. Decide if you