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In a previous article, we listed tips to help you use Google search accurately. Please click here to view the article. Below is a continuation of that article on how to use Google search accurately.   FINDING SPECIFIC FILE FORMATS A lot of files have been uploaded online in order to aid in-depth research work. You can find files like PDF on particular topics through Google. How to do this; type the word you are researching on and add filetype:pdf. This will bring out various pdfs on that topic. For example Food & Nutrition filetype:pdf. This does not only apply to PDFs, but other file types too like DOC, MP3, MP4 etc.       TO FIND SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES When trying to find a particular organization, product, or individual’s page handle on social media through Google, type the name and add the ‘@’ symbol. For example; Jabborro@twitter will bring out this organization’s twitter page, same goes for Coca-cola@instagram and many more. It is simple and quick to use when looking for speci


Many users don’t realize how deep Google search really is. There are information you will never find if you keep using Google search the casual, usual, random manner. Below are some tips to help you use this tool called Google search accurately. USE QUOTES When you want to search for a particular thing, use quotes. In other words, use quotation marks. This will make the search results specific to what you want to find. It will bring out articles that have the whole search sentence included in it. This is mainly because there are a lot of articles online that could have the words you are looking for, but they won’t be related to what you want to find. That makes finding the information you are looking for take longer than needed. Using quotes will shorten that amount of time. Example; Instead of searching for how to browse on Google , rather type in “How to browse on Google”. This will bring you results with that exact sentence in it. USE COLON Make use of colon and direct websites to f