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TREASURE THEY FOUND AT THE ETHIOPE Spring water or natural water is considered better as it is richer in minerals that the body needs; it is slowly filtered naturally through an aquifer, protected from and uninterrupted by human activity . records that “…spring water can be safe to drink without any treatment…”    The Source Water from the Ethiope River in delta state, Nigeria, has been extensively researche d and is known for its rich mineral content an d purity . A research in 2007 by OMO-IRABOR, O. O. an d OLOBANIYI, S. B. of the Department of Geology, Delta State University, shows that pH values lie in the range 6.24 an d 7.06 .      Product of Researches In 1990, a spring with unbelievably clean water was discovered on the banks of the Ethiope River; samples were taken for testing at the Birmingham City Council and the results came back astonishing. ASHBERT LTD. proceeded to design a system to collect the water, filter it to achieve