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8 Nigerians & Institutions The Niger Delta Avengers Follow

Niger Delta Militants Niger delta Avengers are the latest crisis facing the federal government of Nigeria. They strike with deadly accuracy, applying high level technical knowledge of the oil and gas industry. Courtesy of their activities and helped by technical factors, the N D Avengers have drastically reduced Nigeria’s oil output to less than 1.1 million barrels per day. I did some auditing on their public communication style; they sometimes are not patient to proofread their English, or maybe they just don’t speak the language, but someone among them is Twitter-savvy. They make impressive use of statistical research results, so it is clear to see that these are educated individuals- a much more complicated situation for the Nigerian army than long-term foes; illiterate and world famous Boko Haram. The Niger Delta militants have become popular not only for their volume of destruction, but for their communications talents as well. These guys own a website. On twitter,