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Buhari Facing Mutiny From Hard-line Supporters By Uduak Umo In not-too-far past, Muhamma du Buhari was a No-No of a presidential candidate. Right thinking Nigerians knew that this man could never be president over smart-headed Africans. However, to prosecute an agenda to take Nigeria by removing Goodluck Jonathan, APC politicians, backed by disgruntled former PDP leaders like Obasanjo, lined up behind the same Buhari and labored hard to patch-work an, otherwise, dowdy sore image of the ex-general. To do this, they needed to recruit thousands of hard-line supporters who would maximize the atmosphere of speech liberty made possible by a most humane administration - that of a mild Commander-in-Chief – to cast aspersions at the image of the incumbent President. They called Buhari ‘Saviour’, ‘Redeemer’, ‘Final hope’ and many other sobriquets reserved for God and in the end they succeeded to make Buhari so popular that Attahiru Jega, the nations Elections chief, could rig in th