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The Akwa Ibom state Government has concluded plans to engage a high caliber football club in Germany to set up and manage a Sports Academy at the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium before the end of 2016. The state commissioner for Special Duties, Engr. Etido Inyang who disclosed this in an interactive session with online media practitioners in his office on Thursday January 7, hinted that talks are already ongoing with the English Emirates Premier League to create a Sport Academy and invest in kids under ten in the state, that would spring up to become international soccer stars to recon with in the near future.   The commissioner however explained that the sports facility was not built only for football or for short term revenue, saying that the idea behind the edifice of such magnitude was to create wealth for the state in the long term. “For example; if you take a ten year old, and start to train, create an academy; I told you how passionate the Governor is and that

San Bernardino Shootings and America’s New Style of Suicide

A young Muslim American couple, living the good life, husband earning nearly $6000 per month, enjoying a dream work environment and not known to have been in any altercations; suddenly storm a Christmas party at husband’s office armed for war. They gun down 14 and injure 21 leaving bombs planted everywhere to blow up expected multitude of first rescuers and survivors. Then they engage the police in a fierce gun battle ending up killed. All signs point to religious extremism, but America’s leaders tend to drag feet to conclusions . If this is not a terrorist act, it must be a flamboyant version of America’s new way to die: ‘Suicide by a cop’. The concept, according to an ex-convict, speaking to a CBN TV interviewer on Friday December 4 th , has become fashionable to some disoriented suicidal Americans. And why not, seeing the popular rise in American police brutality? Even though Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook were not disoriented, they definitely were suicidal – and in a

The Djokovic Lifestyle

Unlike most celebrity, Novak Djokovic knows he cannot afford to live loose. He adopts an amazingly rigid lifestyle, to retain his form and fitness at the zenith of the Tennis World. It seems he has required such personal stringency to keep his name among Tennis all time greats. Besides his screen-friendly disposition, multilingual ability, sense of humour and Orthodox Serbian Christianity, the tennis star’s off-court lifestyle features a fascinating eating habit. The tennis star is known to be very particular about when and how he eats. He buys organic food wherever he can and cooks almost every meal himself. When on tour, he tries to stay in hotels that can allow him make use of their kitchen. He begins every meal after having said a short prayer, although not to any specific god, but just to keep his mind reminded not to take food for granted. He then proceeds to eat at snail's pace and on purpose. As a personal principle, he does not watch TV, or use his mobile or comput