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[MUSIC] Emem Baseda Debut Release OFFICIAL RELEASE - DOWNLOAD HERE FREE You  want to connect with your Creator, you want to experience the heavenly. All human beings do. But if you don't, then you do not want to be led in worship by Emem Baseda. God reigns all the way from where no flesh can understand or reach, from glory no mind can imagine. Yet, His presence is accessible. He is billions of light years far off, but nearer than our skins. He is Holy and unapproachable by human flesh, yet He comes near enough to hear us. Obviously He preserves His presence in high value. Consequently, it takes certain knowledge, direction, passionate hunger and the skill to bring that presence out among men. Emem Baseda has just the right passion; she's hardworking, she's spiritual, and she's got just the voice for unlocking the heavens. I watched her sing - more like followed her worship leading - years before she knew me. And she's been consistent in charac