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How PR Pros Can Lead Clients On Despite COVID-19 Setbacks

Have news to share that isn’t related to the novel coronavirus? It’s hard to get anyone to listen, regardless of the industry, news medium, or personality. Source; Dorset Echo The virus has created a deep and lasting impact on our society. However, as many cities begin to reopen and attempt to reintroduce standard work/life routines, the question is—how do we move on? When COVID-19 unexpectedly stole the show, companies and organizations were forced to throw their carefully coordinated marketing strategies, ad campaigns, and PR plans out the window. Promotions tied up in closed restaurants, canceled sporting events, and postponed trade conventions simply were no longer relevant in light of the global pandemic. Not only were plans changed due to cancellations, but they were also altered as a result of the obvious sense that the situation required. Overnight, commercials and social media ads shifted from routine content to COVID-19 health tips and messages of gratitude to essential worke