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Health Benefits of Drinking Fresh Organic Juice (Sponsored)

By: Aniekan Ekah Each one of us are given only this one body in this life. We alone are responsible to nourish our body and keep it healthy for as long as possible. We all know that without health, all the money we have accumulated on this earth will amount to nothing. So, whatever you put into your mouth, let it be that you consume more nutritious foods than the harmful foods. Nutritious foods are natural, whole, pure and fresh. The closer food is to its natural state, the higher its nutritional value. These nutritious qualities of the foods are what give life to your body. Always choose pure, natural and whole foods over refined, bleached, polished, and processed foods with preservatives, artificial colors/flavors, or chemical additives of any kind. There are so many health benefits to drinking organic juice that no one could possibly name all of them. With high concentrations of vitamin C and other nutrients that are not only healthful but necessary, here comes the benefits right


Seychelles, Eden city Among Africa’s top 10 richest countries are Mauritius, Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Tunisia, Namibia and others. But the richest country in Africa is little Seychelles, according to World Bank calculations. They are at the top of the World Bank list of 80 high income earning countries and the three latest developed African countries. They have met most of the Millennium Development Goals and are currently looking forward to develop an agenda that better integrates issues relevant to Small Island Developing States. South Africa has been in and out of the World’s list of developed countries, but since the ANC took over government, the nation has grappled with corruption and deep structural issues – and were recently dropped from ratings by the IMF and World Bank lists of advanced countries. The addition of Seychelles on this list of wealthy nations gives off a possibility of permanency on analyzing the relatively petite size of the country, the inv

Poisonous ‘Kpomo’, Preserved With Formalin, on Sale in Uyo - Secret Reports

An unnamed South East Nigerian business man had imported treated animal hide as raw material for production of leather products, from a certain source.   He left the materials in a cold storage facility, returning to find it had become bloated ‘Kpomo’, enticing and salivating. This is what independent research has revealed. A government official, who is not yet authorized to speak to the media, has confirmed that this poisonous material has found its way into Akwa Ibom State, sold as meat. The official, who spoke with the writer on Tuesd ay March 22 nd , explained that this particular Kpomo (edible Cow skin), may have originally been the skin of elephants, horses, donkey or some other dead animal. The product is believed to have been sold from either Onitsha or Aba to buyers all the way as far as Lagos. It got into Uyo through a popular village market at Ikot Ekpene, Urua Ator. A Lagos resident, who had developed health complications on consuming it, had alerted medical


Western Media seem to be paying more attention to Nigerians these days, less of Terrorism and more of positive records. This time, it is about Laolu Senbanjo who has just been selected by Nike as their 'Master of Air' which will see him create art-inspired Air Max at the Air Max Con 2016. He started his style of drawing with Charcoal, borrowing inspiration from prehistoric arts. Although he left arts, his preferred vocation, to read Law (University of Ilorin), having graduated, he resurrected his talents and forayed into professional Fine Arts. In 2009, he participated in his first exhibition at Elephant House, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. Sadly, he did not sell a single piece. Today, he is an icon of Contemporary African Fine Arts, widely traveled. As Nike celebrate their Air Max brand between March 24 and March 26, Laolu’s craft will showcase his originality as African, making a special appearance on March 25, around 7-8pm. According to thener

Forbes List: Dangote Now Richer Than Trump, Abramovich & Oprah Winfrey Combined

These three are Billionaires in dollars, but other than disparity in investment interests, race, religion etc., there is recently recorded difference between Aliko Dangote, Roman Abramovich, Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey: Dangote is now richer than the other three put together. According to Forbes’ 2016 list of Earth’s Billionaires, you will add up the wealth of boastful US presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, Chelsea owner Abramovich and World richest black woman, Oprah Winfrey, and Dangote is still $300 million richer than the combination. Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari’s economic policies have hurt Aliko Dangote’s economic escalation. He has lost about $300 million dollars as a result, but he still is worth $15.4 billion dollars to remain the richest person in black skin and the wealthiest African. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is valued at $4.5 Billion, Abramovich at $7.6 Billion and Oprah at $3.0 Billion. Dangote is also wealthier than all the Nigerians on the

"Why We Won’t Split, Like Psquare" – Twin Gospel Artistes, Davasol

All twins go their separate ways, especially if they are celebrity. Psquare have finally cracked up; but Davasol believe theirs is a divine connection that will also be endless. Ahead of the release of their long awaited debut music video, they granted interviews to select media, and naturally, the question of their twin connection in light of the high profile but infamous split of Psquare came up. They had stern responses to it. “I don't really follow them, outside the fact that there are twin, I don’t model in anywhere after them.. But they are great artist and wonderful duo. We are not just biological brothers or another set of twin, but we are destiny partners. Whenever I minister with my brother, even me I feel unusual ease with the anointing. So God wouldn’t have brought us this far to leave us. Therefore my dear friend as long as Christ tarries ‘Davasol dey kampe’... Nothing shelle’” A possible reason for this seemingly unavoidable phenomenon especially in th