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Distrust is First Reason eCommerce Businesses Fail in Africa

Distrust is the first reason among 6 hot reasons ecommerce startups fail in Africa, according to Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe's article on HBR. Others include such sensitive elements like logistics, random placement of market - everywhere you go there is a trader in Africa, cost of broadband (internet data) and others. Read on below; Africa’s recent economic growth rates and rising youth population have meant more and more entrepreneurs are  looking there for potential business opportunities . The typical strategy is to introduce new companies by recreating foreign business models on the continent. But for e-commerce start-ups, it’s not that easy. Look at my own experience. In 2010, my company created an app store. We then built a large, local app store that provided a platform to reach African users, since Google Play had some restrictions in place. We followed that with a crowdfunding platform and even opened an e-commerce website selling electronics design kits via partnerships with U.