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 If you need to buy followers to grow your page, your content strategy is a flop.      You might as well see the Ad spend as punishment from Social Media companies; punishment for poor content or content failure.  For if your content is great, your accounts will grow naturally. There is a caveat however. Paying for more followers will cost money but fetch quicker results than growing organically. Howbeit, growing without buying followers will leave you with ever-lasting results. READ: How Brands Can Reach A Wider Audience on TikTok Also, it is possible to grow organically but sharply. You would need to field content that is sensational enough, hot enough, mad enough - and at the right time, distributed to the right discussion forums, however. This would have to be controversy, by the way. There is really nothing else on earth that can make everyone rush to a scene of an event if it weren't either controversy or a looting spree. So, decide what content you can publish. Decide if you

Marketing Meets Entertainment: How Brands Can Reach A Wider Audience on TikTok

 Over the past two years, the popular and rapidly growing short-form video platform TikTok has become a key channel for brands to catch the attention of consumers. With more than 1 billion users, TikTok—along with its unique algorithm and discoverability opportunities—helps brands engage and connect with new demographics and audiences. TikTok TikTok is still fairly new, yet it has already become a necessary avenue to reach audiences. Thus, marketers around the globe face questions: How do I know what’s working on this platform? What is the secret sauce to making a TikTok video go viral? Get creative. Coming up with new trends or unique ways to showcase your products or services is proven to resonate with followers.  Adopt an entertainment-first approach. The direction of entertainment-based marketing allows brands to take a human approach when connecting with their key demographics, creating content that not only moves audiences emotionally, but that also converts. Define your purpos

What Every Brand Should Include In Their Social Media Guide

 A social media style guide is connected to your brand voice. You want your brand essence to be showcased on social media and other marketing platforms for better brand recognition. Social Media Guide A social media style guide can offer your team concise information about publishing posts, so there’s less room for error. It will also make it easier for you to train new employees. That, in turn, will save both parties time. The less time you waste, the faster you’ll reach your social media goals. In creating your guide, you need to understand what to include in it in the first place. Here’s a list of important elements: 1. Consumer persona: Creating the consumer persona of your target audience is an important exercise for any business. The consumer persona is an exclusive collection of data about your target audience. Including a detailed consumer persona in your social media style guide will allow your team to understand the audience they’re targeting. That will help them customize s


Nigeria is losing internet subscribers at an outrageous rate, as seen in the NCCs monthly published data of Internet subscriptions. Too many businesses’ marketing managers across the country, this is horrible news. It is already shocking to see the consistent drop in internet subscribers since November 2020. One would have thought that the Internet has become an essential possession to the general Nigerian population, following food and shelter. That Nigerians are quitting the internet is an ominous sign to everyone, even worse for marketers. According to data from Statista, businesses in Nigeria advertise more on TV than anywhere else. Out-of-Home (or Outdoor) advertising follows and then the Internet comes in 3 rd place. Click here  to read their report. Image: See increasing Ad budgets from 2018 to 2020 across the top 4 channels But research by Nairametrics suggests that although TV takes more Ad budget than the internet and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future,

How To Use Social Media To Supercharge Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

When properly utilized, a well-designed social media marketing campaign can be a powerful lead. Few marketing buzzwords seem to elicit more attention than social media. That’s because when a social media campaign is creative and well-executed, it can prove a powerful addition to your marketing arsenal. Social Media icons But with so much competition for attention, ever-adapting algorithms and costly marketing mistakes, many have a difficult time generating a significant return on investment from social media. Yes, social media marketing can be rife with pitfalls—but it’s also packed with potential. This became abundantly clear to me when I interviewed Florian Sussbauer, a social media systems guru and one of Germany’s top experts in building and scaling agencies. During our conversation, we talked about how social media can be used to significantly supercharge any company’s inbound marketing campaigns. You just have to utilize it to your own advantage. Content Is Every

How To Successfully Combine Digital And Offline Marketing Strategies

Offline marketing often seems like a risky proposition for e-commerce companies. Today, everything is tracked, measured, analyzed, and organized. Clicks are counted, and page views are neatly displayed on spreadsheets. Source; Indeed Magnus To put money behind a marketing channel where results are difficult to track seems strange, or even foolish. Yet I’d argue that offline marketing channels have plenty of potential in the digital age. While you can’t get immediate stats on the exact number of clicks and conversions, as you would with a Facebook ad, these efforts can be just as effective. You simply have to invest the proper amount of time and resources. You also want to be open to trying new channels because you don’t really know what’s going to work until you give it a shot. It's best to be agnostic when it comes to the digital/non-digital divide. If you take a consistent and patient approach when trying new offline channels, you’ll almost certainly end up finding

Major Digital Marketing Trends Redefining Retail Banking

Financial marketers will have to make the customer experience their number one priority if they hope to beat back the fintech threat. Traditional banking providers will need the right resources — a combination of both talent and bigger budgetary investments — to leverage data and personalize the customer journey, otherwise, fintech challengers could win consumers' hearts... for good. Can traditional financial institutions rise to the challenge and pull it off? A study from Adobe and eConsultancy shows that senior-level decision-makers in the banking industry have finally woken up to the threat that fintechs represent, and now concede that everything today — from marketing to the customer experience — revolves around digital channels. According to a study from Adobe, the proportion of financial services companies that viewed themselves as advanced in terms of digital maturity nearly tripled from 7% in 2016 to 19% last year. That’s a huge improvement, but there’s still work t

How Financial coys use digital marketing to gain consumers

As consumers increasingly manage their daily lives digitally, financial marketers must find new ways to reach them through online and mobile channels. Research from Mintel shows that the leading financial firms are increasingly investing in digital advertising that can support more personalized messaging. Yet many other institutions remain stuck in traditional spending habits. The majority of financial institutions did not reduce their broadcast and offline marketing budgets over the last 12 months, according to the Digital Banking Report. As in 2017, 34% of financial institutions allocated 50% or more of their media budgets to traditional media. As was the case last year, there was a lack of commitment to digital channels, with only 15% of organizations committing more than 50% of their budgets to online media, compared to 14% in 2017. Similarly, virtually no bank or credit union committed more than 40% of their budget to mobile marketing, with only 2% of organizations commi


St Louis have stuck to their brand since they broke into the Nigerian sugar market. Competing brands did nothing to upset the St Louis dominance, and complacency along. Then all competition phased out. As Nigeria kept transitioning into a 21st Century Commerce-homely society, re-branding became 'law', with companies running willy-nilly in every marketing direction. But St Louis sneered at the riot, calmly concentrating on sales. Industry shifts would have demanded a rethink on this moribund Marketing policy, but it appeared there was no Marketing department at St Louis. No ads (or have you seen any? you must be working at their factory if yes); no CSR; no press releases; no media facility tours; no public relations; nothing but sales trucks raising dust on bumpy Nigerian roads. But something is praiseworthy. St Louis branding has been as consistent as their trademark product quality.Still they would be wrong to depend on quality of product to drive sales endlessly. For i