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Manuel Music Set To Debut With 'My All' - Press Release

As Emmanuel Kingsley, he has a track out already, but this is a whole new quality and whole new air although he has stayed true to his flair in Gospel Rock music - now as Manuel Music. By June 20, 2018, his first song under the re-branded Manuel 'My All's will hit the market. Produced by the legendary King Baseda, 'My All' involves a lot of sugary metal strums. Not too heavy, not too drastic, just courteous. Simply irresistible, that's the melody. The introduction of strings, low notes, curious stops, orchestra elements at points in the track make the entire production a sensation. The ear does not want to miss out on this cross-cultural favorite by June the 20th. This publisher will release a free download link on the release date. (Release Distributed by Jabborro PR)