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Special Invitation; Experiencing Public Relations 2021

The importance of public relations has long been questioned – both by the businesses we serve when they ask “so what have you added to the bottom line this quarter” and by society when our family members say “I just know she goes to the office oh! I don’t really understand what she does.” Experiencing Public Relations At the Experiencing PR event, we shall attempt to address these concerns. What is the impact of Public Relations on businesses and society? Our panellists who are business owners and PR professionals will explain in clear, practical terms what PR is. For Public Relations Professionals, it is time to Transition for Greater Impact. No longer can we hide under the excuse of “at least I am getting paid”. Click here to speak with a PR consultant. Join Nigerian Women in PR on Saturday, March 6, 2021, from 11am – 1pm to discuss these pressing issues. The event shall also witness the launch of the Experiencing PR book – a collection of essays from 12 Nigerian Women in PR practisi