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In a previous article, we listed tips to help you use Google search accurately. Please click here to view the article. Below is a continuation of that article on how to use Google search accurately.   FINDING SPECIFIC FILE FORMATS A lot of files have been uploaded online in order to aid in-depth research work. You can find files like PDF on particular topics through Google. How to do this; type the word you are researching on and add filetype:pdf. This will bring out various pdfs on that topic. For example Food & Nutrition filetype:pdf. This does not only apply to PDFs, but other file types too like DOC, MP3, MP4 etc.       TO FIND SOCIAL MEDIA HANDLES When trying to find a particular organization, product, or individual’s page handle on social media through Google, type the name and add the ‘@’ symbol. For example; Jabborro@twitter will bring out this organization’s twitter page, same goes for Coca-cola@instagram and many more. It is simple and quick to use when looking for speci


Nigeria is losing internet subscribers at an outrageous rate, as seen in the NCCs monthly published data of Internet subscriptions. Too many businesses’ marketing managers across the country, this is horrible news. It is already shocking to see the consistent drop in internet subscribers since November 2020. One would have thought that the Internet has become an essential possession to the general Nigerian population, following food and shelter. That Nigerians are quitting the internet is an ominous sign to everyone, even worse for marketers. According to data from Statista, businesses in Nigeria advertise more on TV than anywhere else. Out-of-Home (or Outdoor) advertising follows and then the Internet comes in 3 rd place. Click here  to read their report. Image: See increasing Ad budgets from 2018 to 2020 across the top 4 channels But research by Nairametrics suggests that although TV takes more Ad budget than the internet and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future,

What are 'Bureaucratic Bottlenecks'? (Watch Video To End)

- What are 'Bureaucratic Bottlenecks'? - Where is Nigeria on the Ease of Doing Business Project? - Why Can't the Nigerian Civil service setup accept technology? The video below shows a 70-step process of simply dunking a basketball. The process comprises what is known as a Rube Goldberg machine - a complex contraption that employs a chain reaction to perform a simple task. If you can survive the video to the end, then you can understand what 'Bureaucratic Bottlenecks' are.  That is the typical example of bureaucratic bottlenecks - the lengthy sequence of required but disposable steps you must go through to get business done in a particular place. It is commonly used in Nigerian corporate scenarios. Ease of doing business has been extremely low in Nigeria for decades.  Where is Nigeria at the Ease-of-Doing-Business Ranking? The overall cost of doing business in Nigeria is too high - a combination of the time-cost, manpower cost and financial cost, unnecessarily exorb


DSTV is under image crisis in Nigeria for too many times. Even in the green chambers they are being seen as defrauding Nigerians (see video below). Why do they repeatedly get named each time Nigerians - largely sympathetic to foreigners - get agitated with foreign businesses? What are they doing wrongly? How do they remedy things? Who Owns DSTv? South African company MultiChoice owns DStv - an acronym for Digital Satellite Television. MultiChoice, according to their website, have been in Nigeria since 1993. The website mentions a Nigerian Businessman and lawyer, Adewunmi Ogunsanya (SAN) as the Nigerian who singlehandedly brought them into Nigeria. What this means is that anytime DSTv has crisis in Nigeria, a Nigerian business is in crisis. They started by employing 30 Nigerians but have grown to 1000 and indirectly providing jobs for other thousand Nigerians. Quoting them; "...for great local content, our business's economic impact runs to hundreds of billions of nai


This is where Fashion and Public Relations get married; Fashion needs people’s eyes, and then their other senses while Public Relations brings them all together. Public Relations ensures that the Fashion professional appeals to the public (publics), satisfies them, attracts them and both parties gain from the relationship formed. A good PR manager will also help the two parties maintain a beneficial relationship going forward. This was how Pierre Rougier worked for Calvin Klein and other fashion businesses behind the scenes, generating a lot of resounding results for these brands. Photo by Vision Perspective It is important to know that an advertising agency will not offer your business what the PR will do. With one, you pay heavily to get seen quickly; with the other, you pay less and take time to build a relationship of trust with your various publics. Advertising is the costlier one, PR is the later one. And these days, the relationship is what keeps the busines

How to Create an Internal Communications Plan in 7 steps

A best practice for internal communications teams is to have a plan. That may sound basic but all too often we find that internal communications departments don’t have plans in place – and it shows in how the team works, how well employees are communicated with, and, in many cases, the kind of impact the function has on the business. An internal communications plan articulates what the function is uniquely qualified to do to help drive business outcomes for the organization. Why an Internal Communications Plan Is Beneficial An internal communications plan is necessary for many reasons. It: Provides a clear roadmap for consistently communicating with employees, so they feel informed about goals for your organization, or a specific initiative, so they can take action and help achieve those goals; Defines what internal communications strategies are important to focus on, how and when they’ll be implemented and how they’ll be measured to demonstrate value and impact to the