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Website Designer Buys Tech Company For $6.8M

Today, we read the story of a Website design company that pulled out $6.8M to buy a tech company and we were blown away with a huge 'WOW'! WordSphere, a website development firm out in California forked out the mad sum of nearly 7M to buy DrupalWare, a tech company known for its software solutions. According to  Stewart Johanson, from WordSphere's  Public Relations department, t he package paid for includes the DrupalWare website, a portfolio of 164 active clients, 6 super specialists, an excellent reputation of delivering top-quality services to clients, along with the entire DrupalWare brand. The 6 specialists acquired immediately transfer into WordSphere's senior DevOps team. Note that DrupalWare's clients include such billion-dollar brands as Pfizer, Tesla Motors, the City of New York and other Fortune 500 companies. Users of its services include names like - wait for it - Nokia, ebay, MacDonald's, The Australian Government, and Havard University, with other

Distrust is First Reason eCommerce Businesses Fail in Africa

Distrust is the first reason among 6 hot reasons ecommerce startups fail in Africa, according to Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe's article on HBR. Others include such sensitive elements like logistics, random placement of market - everywhere you go there is a trader in Africa, cost of broadband (internet data) and others. Read on below; Africa’s recent economic growth rates and rising youth population have meant more and more entrepreneurs are  looking there for potential business opportunities . The typical strategy is to introduce new companies by recreating foreign business models on the continent. But for e-commerce start-ups, it’s not that easy. Look at my own experience. In 2010, my company created an app store. We then built a large, local app store that provided a platform to reach African users, since Google Play had some restrictions in place. We followed that with a crowdfunding platform and even opened an e-commerce website selling electronics design kits via partnerships with U.


DSTV is under image crisis in Nigeria for too many times. Even in the green chambers they are being seen as defrauding Nigerians (see video below). Why do they repeatedly get named each time Nigerians - largely sympathetic to foreigners - get agitated with foreign businesses? What are they doing wrongly? How do they remedy things? Who Owns DSTv? South African company MultiChoice owns DStv - an acronym for Digital Satellite Television. MultiChoice, according to their website, have been in Nigeria since 1993. The website mentions a Nigerian Businessman and lawyer, Adewunmi Ogunsanya (SAN) as the Nigerian who singlehandedly brought them into Nigeria. What this means is that anytime DSTv has crisis in Nigeria, a Nigerian business is in crisis. They started by employing 30 Nigerians but have grown to 1000 and indirectly providing jobs for other thousand Nigerians. Quoting them; "...for great local content, our business's economic impact runs to hundreds of billions of nai

Nigeria Investment: Young Tea Producer Wins at Drive Summit 2019

As a way to promote its Nigeria Investment function, Legalpreneur Services with Start Innovation Hub in September partnered with Jabborro PR to organize a business support event in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State titled Drive 'Start-Up' Summit. The project selected small businesses to be mentored and contest for investment worth N1,000,000. Winner Drive Summit 2019 with Jabborro PR Staff Thanks to strategic partnership with organisations like Union Bank of Nigeria (Uyo), Global Audio Factory Band, Aniferaz, Whitebridge Consulting, Wonder Arts, Continuity Media and more, we were able to pull off a successful outing at minimal cost. Precious Opara and her associate, Esther Izuka from Owerri won the investment price of N1,000,000 by pitching their recreational tea product 'Drink Up'.  The project continues in business development and the winning product, Drink Up will soon be commercialized. As announced by the key organizer, Legalpreneur Services, the project to Invest


Godwin Tom is an expert in the music business. He has consulted for superstars in Nigeria and beyond, from Wizkid to name them. He's CEO of IManage Africa and is widely travelled just for music business. He will be home in Akwa Ibom to train, interact with and hire 3 participants at the Music Business Series holding on Thursday  23rd and Friday 24th. Thursday is strictly for few interested in Executive level of music and talent management. To join the Executive class(N1000), contact the number on the graphic design. For others, see you on Friday. Please see flyer for more info and contact details.

Facebook Inc. Has a Music Big Boy & He’s Nigerian, an Akwa Ibom Son

Ime Archibong of Facebook Inc Nigerians in general have very good representation in Africa’s creative industry influence; but the ratio of Akwa Ibom born creative talents to the State’s total freeborn population is striking. In every generation, there is always an Akwa Ibom born musician, fine artist, comedian, chef, Fashion designer, radio host or even creative sportsman of national repute. Now, Facebook Inc has a top staff, their ‘Music Big Boy’ of Akwa Ibom origin. He’s Ime Archibong. “ For music specifically -- I know I'm one of the "music" guys at Facebook, I've been tremendously bullish on it”, Ime said in an interview with Andrew Flanagan of Billboard in 2014. Ime is the head of strategic partnerships at Facebook Incorporated. Like most outstanding professionals of Akwa Ibom origin, he is a natural creative - which is reflected in the several roles he has played in the Tech Industry - but not without the counterpart potential that Akwa Ibom peop