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Forbes List: Dangote Now Richer Than Trump, Abramovich & Oprah Winfrey Combined

These three are Billionaires in dollars, but other than disparity in investment interests, race, religion etc., there is recently recorded difference between Aliko Dangote, Roman Abramovich, Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey: Dangote is now richer than the other three put together. According to Forbes’ 2016 list of Earth’s Billionaires, you will add up the wealth of boastful US presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, Chelsea owner Abramovich and World richest black woman, Oprah Winfrey, and Dangote is still $300 million richer than the combination. Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari’s economic policies have hurt Aliko Dangote’s economic escalation. He has lost about $300 million dollars as a result, but he still is worth $15.4 billion dollars to remain the richest person in black skin and the wealthiest African. Meanwhile, Donald Trump is valued at $4.5 Billion, Abramovich at $7.6 Billion and Oprah at $3.0 Billion. Dangote is also wealthier than all the Nigerians on the

Banana Island; A State Within A State?

It will cost you a minimum $103 million to buy an apartment at Pollock’s Path, a residential area in Hong Kong, where A-list Chinese Actor and Movie producer Stephen Chow (director of Kung Fu Hustle and the Mermaid, China’s biggest movie ever) and HSBC brass live – the world’s most expensive neighbourhood; with price increasing at over 10% every year. Since Prince William and Princess Kate moved in, the cost of property in Kensington Palace City, London started increasing yearly at about 2%, but it will still cost you a minimum $195 million to buy property here – Europe’s most expensive real estate.  Africa’s most expensive neighbourhood is arguably a 1.6million square meter piece of real estate in Nigeria. It has not (yet) been named a political entity, but the residents have a Local Government of their own. This cluster of administrators oversee the area, providing taut land-marine-security, electricity delivered to you via intricate underground wiring, healthcare,